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Their time is NOW! Their day is HERE!
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight
Author: David 2
Author Aliases: N/A
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action/Adventure
Series Type: Complete
Date Premiered: 2009
Number of Issues: 30
Date of Last Issue: 2011
Average Issue Length: 35
Main Cast
Official Guardians of the Dawn Website
Programs Used
City of Heroes, MS Publisher, PDFCreator, Splasher, GIMP
The Guardians of the Dawn are dedicated to bringing humanity to that bright and shining future that is always just over the horizon.

A comic series created by David 2 focusing on members of the "Guardians of the Dawn" supergroup in the Guardian Server.

Issue 0: "The Guardian Exiles"

Although not an actual comic, the text-only story called "The Guardian Exiles" became the basis for the comic series, as well as the focus for the first three issues. It has since been considered canon for the comic series and re-titled as "Issue 0".

Issue #0 "The Guardian Exiles"


Spotlight On: The Guardian Exiles (read)(alt)

Summary: The story describes a "Crisis Event" in 2007 just prior to the events of "Invasion", where strange rips in the fabric of the universe bring three strangers into Paragon City. Two years later they would learn through the help of a mysterious traveler and a member of their own universe of their original identities and what happened that caused them to arrive in the City of Heroes universe.

Guest Appearances: Positron, Rick Davies, Valkyrie, Gaussian, Ms. Liberty, Dark Watcher, Serge

Issues 1-3: "Guardian Exiles"

Continuing from the text story, the first three issues deal with the three members of the Guardians that were considered "Guardian Exiles" from the original "crisis event" of 2007. The three series also have an ever-expanding backstory involving a newcomer named Lyon Powers.

Issue #1 "Fight or Flight"


Spotlight On: Galatea Powers (read) (alt)

Summary: In her civilian guise, Galatea shares with "Mike" and "Melissa" the pressures of working with a secret identity while still getting used to life in Paragon City.

Backtory: Lyon Powers appears at the Freedom Corps Headquarters and asks Back Alley Brawler about Galatea.

Guest Appearances: "Mike", "Melissa", Back Alley Brawler, Serge, Lauren

Issue #2 "If Only..."


Spotlight On: Ryder Lightning (read) (alt)

Summary: Ryder Lightning goes over his life, from how he got his powers, to how he ended up in the Paragon Universe.

Backstory: Lyon Powers helps to fight off a Rikti Invasion, which impresses the Back Alley Brawler, then uses the city's resources to contact Galatea Powers to arrange a meeting.

Guest Appearances: Back Alley Brawler

Issue #3 "Knight of the City"


Spotlight On: MidKnight X (read) (alt)

Summary: As MidKnight X watches over the Kings Row district, he remembers his life from the other universe, and his connection to his mentor, the original MidKnight, and the deep secret that no other member of the "Guardian Exiles" know about.

Backstory: Lyon Powers meets with Galatea Powers face-to-face during the 2009 Halloween Event.

Guest Appearances: (none)

Issues 4-17: "Shadowborn"

Following the "Guardian Exiles" stories, subsequent series dealt with the mechanizations of the shadow organization known as Shadowborn.

Issue #4 "Shadowborn"


Spotlight On: Captain Paragonna (read) (alt)

Summary: Captain Paragonna's past catches up with her as a shadow government agency threatens the lives of the family she believed to be dead.

Guest Appearances: City Representative, Blue Steel

Issue #5 "Entitled"

GotD05c.jpg GotD05altc.jpg (alternate cover)

Spotlight On: Libertarian Avenger (read) (alt)

Summary: Alex Wentworth finally is able to go after the man that once framed him for a crime that he did not commit. But will stopping the real criminal mean that he would be able to finally take down "The Trust"?

Guest Appearances: Dmitri Krylov

Issue #6 "Change of Environment"


Spotlight On: Arktic Chill (read) (alt)

(Prologue to "Limelight".)

Summary: Following his depressing time at the Ski Chalet, Arktic Chill accepts a mission from Alex Wentworth to clear the name of an innocent man accused of setting fires in Steel Canyon. But will working with a former firefighter/former police officer be enough to crack this case?

Guest Appearances: Father Time, Baby New Year, Candy Keeper

Issue #7 "Limelight"


Spotlight On: Midnight Arachnia (read) (alt)

(Part 1 of "Limelight")

Summary: Controvercial media personality Garry Becker accuses the founding member of the Guardians of the Dawn of being an Arachnos spy! Is she guilty of treason? Or is she the first victim of the newly-reorganized Shadowborn group?

Guest Appearances: Matthew Burke

Issue #8 "Limelight - Part 2"


Spotlight On: Agent Burke (read) (alt)

(Part 2 of "Limelight")

Summary: The Guardians of the Dawn are suspended. Their base is shut down. Midnight Arachnia has fled to the Rogue Isles. Is she really a traitor? Has Shadowborn won?

Guest Appearances: Montague Castanella, Matthew Burke, City Representative, Azuria, Detective Freitag, Ghost Widow

Issue #9 "Cursed"


Spotlight On: Coeur Du Feu (read) (alt)

(Aftermath to "Limelight".)

Summary: Courtney Hart is asked to find and retrieve a cursed object that is connected to her own mystical origins. But the Cabal have other plans for it. Will she find it in time? And if she does, will she succumb to the curse as well?

Guest Appearances: Azuria, Chilly, War Witch

Issue #10 "Unexplained"


Spotlight On: Doc Tor (read) (alt)

Summary: In 2011, the Earth is dead. What in 2010 could cause it to happen? That is what "Doc" Tor has to find out. And what is HIS devastating secret that has a direct effect on the "Guardian Exiles"?

Guest Appearances: Mender Roebuck, Dark Watcher, Rick Davies, Sin Stalker, War Witch

Issue #11 "Recognition"

GotD11c.jpgGotD11altc.jpg (alternate cover)

Spotlight On: Lyon Powers (read) (alt)

Summary: After playing second-string to all the other Guardians, Lyon Powers is finally getting the recognition she deserves. But someone else is back in the public eye, and he's not alone. Will Lyon's time in the spotlight help her career, or embarass her?

Guest Appearances: Lady Jane, Gregor Richardson

Issue #12 "Death and Redemption"


Spotlight On: Ghostlynk & Talmyia (Read)(Alt)

Summary: A Guardian dies. And that is only the start of the start of the story.

Guest Appearances: Doc Quantum, Mender Tesseract, Sunstorm

Issue #13 "Redemption"


Spotlight On: Daybright (Read) (alt)

Summary: The consequence of Daybright's creation are felt by the Guardians, and in order for her to survive, they may have to turn to an old hero.

Guest Appearances: Sunstorm, Lady Grey, Montague Castanella, War Witch, Horus

Issue #14 "Consequences"


Spotlight On: StarCygnus (Read) (Alt)

Summary: The secret origin of StarCygnus is finally revealed! What is his connection to Shadowborn? And... Captain Paragonna must answer for her past actions. How will this affect the Guardians? The answer will surprise you!

Guest Appearances: Lady Grey, Statesman, President Barack Obama, Mender Tesseract, and Julian from the Justice-Knights

Issue #15 "Transition"


Spotlight On: Maximus Rex (Read)(Alt)

Summary: Following the shocking change in leadership and the reasons behind it, the Guardians have to cope with a new person in charge, and we learn more about "The Once and Former King of the Earth". Meanwhile, Paragon City welcomes a new hero. But is this hero really ready for Paragon City?

Guest Appearances: Ms. Liberty, Jim Tremblor, Antonio Nash, Statesman

Issue #16 "Identity"


Spotlight On: Omega Shift (Read)(Alt)

Summary: Omega Shift looks into the recent attack of Police Chief Clayton and the attempts to link this to the Guardians of the Dawn. How does this fit in with her own origins?

Guest Appearances: Blue Steel, Prince Kiros Nandelu, Doctor Vahzilok, Matthew Burke

Issue #17 "Facades"

GotD17c.jpg GotD17altc.jpg (Alternate cover)

Spotlight On: John Cole (Read) (Alt)

Summary: All of the secrets of the Guardians are about to be put on sale in the Black Market. That means that the Guardians have to invade the Rogue Isles to get them back. But to do that, they'll have to work with an ally with a somewhat familair name, and pretend to be bad guys in the heart of the "City of Villains". Can they pull it off? Or will things have to be escalated?

Guest Appearances: Lord Recluse, Matthew Burke, Dr. Shelly Percey, The Libra Order, Trina the Body Sculptress, Brick Johnson, Submariner Janus

Trailer: Issue 17 trailer on YouTube.

Issues 18-22: "Time And Changes"

The Past and Possible Futures collide as secrets are unlocked and serious changes occur.

* See also "Time and Changes"

Issue #18 "The Last Guardian"


Spotlight On: Galatea Future (Read) (Alt)

Summary: The events of Issue #17 have implications that stretch far into the future. Find out how the history of humanity itself has been changed through the eyes of Galatea Future: The Last Guardian.

Guest Appearances: Lady Grey, The Menders of Ouroboros, Rularuu The Ravager, Lord Recluse

Issue #19 "Family Secrets"


Spotlight On: Icon Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: As the Guardians try to continue following their recent tragedy, Icon Powers reflects on his own heroic life, and Doc Tor is given some shocking news that will have an impact on key members.

Guest Appearances: Officer Flint

Issue #20 "Destroyer of Worlds"


Spotlight On: Alor (Read) (Alt)

Summary: The destroyer of universes is finally revealed as his history is told to two separate people.

Guest Appearances: War Witch, Citadel, Tainted Eve

Issue #21 "Past, Present, and Future"


Spotlight On: Daybright and Icon Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Icon Powers and a disguised Daybright team up to face Alor to save Icon's home universe and MidKnight X pays the Rocinante Group a nighttime visit.

Guest Appearances: Mender Silos, Mender Ramiel, Tainted Eve

Issue #22 "Paths Unknown"


Spotlight On: Lady Templar (Read) (Alt)

Summary: The Guardians of the Dawn must take on Alor/StarCygnus without their most powerful members. But even with help from the Freedom Phalanx, how can you stop someone who knows all of your secrets? Plus, the final fate of Galatea Future, and what else was The Libra Order up to in 2007?

Guest Appearances: Detective Sluggitt, Mender Silos, Mistress Libra, Positron, Synapse, Manticore, Back Alley Brawler, Sister Psyche, Manticore

Trailer: Issue 22 trailer on YouTube

Issues 23-25: Galatea Dawning

Following from the events in "Time and Changes", the life of Galatea Powers is turned upside down.

Issue #23 "The Death of Kara Hamilton"


Spotlight On: Galatea Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Galatea's life starts to come apart as she undergoes a series of changes.

Guest Appearances: Lauren

Issue #24 "Enter Leona Powers"


Spotlight On: Leona Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Galatea Powers is dead. Say hello to Leona Powers.

Guest Appearances: ExGemini, Lady Jane, Ms. Liberty, Celtic Brawler, Flash Mob, Orion Hunter

Issue #25 "Galatea Reborn"


Spotlight On: Galatea Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Can anyone stop the rage and fury of Leona Powers?

Guest Appearances: Lady Jane, ExGemini, Ice Giant, Flash Mob, Orion Hunter, Don Juan, Celtic Brawler, Slipstream, Sister Psyche, Dread Pirate Ilsa

Issues 26 - 28

Issue #26 "What Happened to the First Captain?"


Spotlight On: The Original Captain Paragonna (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Agent Rodgers, the suspended Captain Paragonna, searches for the predecessor she never knew existed. Meanwhile, things are brewing in Paragon City concerning the vacated District Attorney position.

Guest Appearances: Officer Flint, Kip Cantorum

Issue #27 "Auditions"


Spotlight On: Whyspera (Read) (Alt)

Summary: So what do you do when your group is a little light? You have tryouts!

Guest Appearances: (None)

Issue #28 "Critical Confrontation"


Spotlight On: MidKnight X (Read) (Alt)

Summary: MidKnight X tracks down the mysterious Shodden Freud in hopes that Europe's legendary investigator can help him shut down Simon Barrister once and for all.

Guest Appearances: (None)



Spotlight On: Icon Powers (Read) (Alt)

Summary: Icon Powers remembers the events that happened following the confrontation between Simon Barrister and MidKnight X and the profound impact those events had to Paragon City and to the Guardians specifically.

Guest Appearances: Sister Psyche, Blue Spectrum, Coyote, Apex, Dark Watcher, Lady Grey, Blue Steel, City Representative

Note: This issue leads into "THE GUARDIAN POWERS" series.

Other Publications

C.C.C. Compendium #5 "Interview"


Spotlight On: Captain Paragonna, Galatea Powers, Lyon Powers, Libertarian Avenger, Whyspera, MidKnight X, StarCygnus (read)

Summary: The exploits of the Guardians of the Dawn are highlighted in a PNN interview by Sally Carson-Ramirez which features flashbacks of previous issues.

Guest Appearances: President Barack Obama

(Note: This story takes place prior to the events seen in Issue #10.)



Guardians of the Dawn comic series