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Shadowborn is the name of a secret organization in the world of City of Heroes MMO.

Its first appearance was in the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" Issue #4 (2009).

Original Incarnation

According to Brighid Moreira, Shadowborn is the result of a multi-agency collaboration designed to go after targets deemed "untouchable". This included organized crime leaders, drug lords, third-world dictators, and multinational corporate executives. The group operated using various slush funds set up by the sponsoring agencies, including the intelligence resources of the Rocinante Group. It also had no restrictions or oversight over how it operated, allowing them to employ any and all means necessary to get their targets.

Certain federal agencies knew about the existence of Shadowborn and were given specific code-words to be used if a Shadowborn agent asked for confirmation. One such code-name was "Kirby", which supposedly was reserved for the White House Chief of Staff's office.

Shadowborn fell out of favor, however, when their allegiance could not be trusted. Although the sponsoring agencies cut off their shadow funding of the operation, they continued to operate through the money generated from their own criminal operations.


(See Captain Paragonna)

One Shadowborn agent tried to gain favor with The Family by making a deal involving a witness considered dead. Stephanie Walters was under "Tier Two" protection of the US Marshals after the Family killed her ex-husband and two children and nearly killed her. Shadowborn offered to have Stephanie Walters killed in exchange for the Family member's cooperation.

Because Stephanie was now the superhero known as Captain Paragonna, Shadowborn agents filed a lawsuit against her current identity of Stevie Walker-Rodgers under the myth that her family was in fact alive, and then leaked out to the press the news that Paragon City's super-cop was being sued for child support. The ultimate goal was to force her to contact the Marshals, trace their connection back, and then contact her directly. Using computer-generated reproductions of Stephanie's daughter as bait, the Shadowborn agent convinced Stephanie to come to them in Perez Park. They did not, however, expect to have her arrive in full superhero attire and to directly take on Family members that were sent to kill her.

Confronting the agent, Captain Paragonna confirmed that her family members were in fact still dead. But rather than comply with the agent's demands, she contacted the Marshals, who replaced the agent's sharpshooters with their own, and then promptly killed the agent.

According to Captain Paragonna, the Marshals, along with other federal agencies, then dismantled the rest of the rogue operation, although there was no way to confirm if the whole operation was shut down.


Following the arrest of Radomil Petras by the Guardian members Libertarian Avenger, MidKnight X, and Whyspera, it was revealed that Shadowborn was reborn as an operation completely separate from the government but still utilizing any and all resources it can salvage from the original operation.

One such contact is Edward "The Trust" Vance, Deputy District Attorney for Paragon City, whose initial cooperation was responsible for sending young Alex Wentworth to jail for a crime he did not commit. Lord Lee Geddy, the new leader of Shadowborn, personally contacted Vance and offered to help him keep his job, which Vance accepted.

For several months, the "new" Shadowborn operated in secret, continuing to utilize its list of contacts for the benefit of its "investors". In fact the existence of the "new" organization was not even known until it was revealed to Captain Paragonna by Montague Castanella of the Midnight Squad.


As mentioned in the "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" special, Shadownborn's operations were assimilated into the larger organization known as the Bilderburg Alliance. Due to promises made by Andrew Wentworth, all Shadowborn operations were initially suspended.

However, certain factions of Shadowborn continue to operate in defiance of the elder Wentworth's promise.


Because of the nature of the organization, membership in Shadowborn is not something that is advertised. Some are members willingly, while others are coerced through favors.

Some members, such as Kirk Cage, are considered "investors", because they sponsor the various businesses that fuel the organization. It is not known how many "investors" make up the hierarchy of Shadowborn, but as was demonstrated in Issue #6, they do have some pull in the organization.

After the Bilderburg Alliance assimilated the organization in 2011, all investors of Shadowborn became members of the Alliance.

(See also Shadowborn Agents.)

Confirmed Members

Badge Shadowborn.png
Codename Real name Position Confirmation Notes
Shadowborn Lord Lord Lee Geddy CEO Rocinante Group (unknown) Original founding member of Shadowborn - leader of current incarnation
Ms. Maple Elle Maple Executive Assistant - Rocinatne Group (unknown) Longtime assistant to Lord Geddy, trusted to run the operation even in his absence.
The Trust Edward "The Trust" Vance Paragon City Deputy District Attorney Hangover Initially a reluctant associate - now fully embraces his position
NovaPrima Florina Primo Registered Superhero and associate with Rocinante Group (unknown) Although considered a member of Shadowborn, she is not aware of the true nature of the organization.
Kirk Cage Kirk Cage Owner - Cage Consortium, Governor of Sharkhead Isle (unknown) Investor
Mr. Cyril Richard Cyril CEO Cyril Corporation (unknown) Investor
Len Zarus Dr. Len Zarus Fugitive scientist (unknown) Nobel Lauriate for genetic research - creator of Omega Shift - officially presumed dead
StarCygnus Major Henry "Hank" Geddy/? Registered superhero/covert spy/saboteur Revenge Member of the Guardians of the Dawn until being outed.
BloodBlader Wendy Slade (presumed) "Security" (aka assassin) Vivisect Works primarily for Ms. Maple.
Leona Powers N/A renegade "superhero" (unknown) Joined during "Galatea Dawning"
First Captain Bethany Barlow Former special agent of the Paragon City Police Department, original Captain Paragonna (unknown) Serves as a special security advisor
Donald Creslo Donald Creslo CEO of Sovereign Insurance (unknown) Investor. Connection to Shadowborn revealed in Issue #9 of "The Guardian Powers"

Suspected Members (but not confirmed)

Codename Real Name Position Confirmation Notes
Commander Yindell Commander Jack Yindell Paragon City Police Department Watch Commander N/A Formerly assigned to the Hero Shield Program, briefly reassigned to "Outbreak" zone.
Mister Cade (Unknown) Office Manager and Technomancer for District Attorney's Office N/A Previously aided Edward Vance on projects.

Former Members

Codename Real Name Position Confirmation Notes
Radomil Petras Radomil Petras Financial Advisor Hunter Currently spending a life term in Supermax Prison
City Representative Brighid Moreira City liason for FBSA in City Hall (unknown) Refused to participate with the first incarnation after she and other government agencies discovered what the group had become
Agent Shadow (Deceased) (Unknown) field agent (Unknown) Active agent in the first incarnation. May or may not have been a member of Homeland Security. Killed by federal agents after breaching "Tier Two" Witness Protection secuirty.
Simon Barrister (Deceased) Simon Barrister Corporate "Facilitator" Executor On retainer by Rocinante Group but also open to other assignements. Primarily worked for the Bilderburg Alliance in Europe. Revealed to have been orginally hired by Andrew Wentworth to investigate the Guardians of the Dawn. He was imprisoned by the Dawn Patrol under various charges of espionage and was later found dead in his cell.
Garry Becker Garry Becker Paragon News Network host of "The Garry Becker Experience" Voicebox It was initially not known if he was fully aware of his association with Shadowborn, however all doubt was removed during the District Attorney Election of 2011. He was let go after he was forced to resign from PNN following the election.
"Big Chief" N/A White House Chief Of Staff Kirby Generic confirmation from the original incarnation of Shadowborn. Was the first "operative" to back away from Shadowborn activity. Other groups that followed used the "Kirby" confirmation to avoid identification.
Agent Blue (Deceased) (Unknown) field agent "Cobalt" Sister to Agent Shadow, has personally sworn revenge against anyone associated with her sister's death. Tried to assasinate Alex Wentworth in 2011 and failed. Killed by BloodBlader.