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The Menders of Ouroboros is an organization of time-travellers that exist for the purpose of controlling and manipulating time. They operate from a facility known as Ouroboros, which reportedly exists at the end of time itself.

Members of this organization are known as "Menders". The current leader of this organization is Mender Silos


The main facility of Ouroboros

Ouroboros consists of the main facility surrounded by a ring of six floating islands. The Pillar of Ice and Flame exists in the main facility. The floating islands are believed to be all that are left of Planet Earth, carefully retrieved and preserved by the Menders. It is speculated that each island exists for reasons that go beyond mere preservation.

Pillar of Ice and Flame

At the heart of the Ouroboros operation is paradox device known as The Pillar of Ice and Flame. As a paradox device, it not only exists as an anchor to stop total entropy of the universe, but it also has the power to transport people to any place in time and space depending on their limitations under Carbon Law.

Aspects or fragments of the pillar can be created that have the same power and ability as the main crystal. One such aspect exists in the headquarters of the Midnight Squad and is specifically attuned to link to ancient Rome. Even smaller fragments or slivers can be used to give to others so they can access Ouroboros as well as adjust their bodies as they travel outside of their normal time and space (a process otherwise known as Temporal Scaling).

Energy from the pillar flows as an elongated bubble, which protects all those inside from the ravages of final entropy. If you were to touch the periphery of the bubble, you would be teleported back to the reflecting pool at the main facility.

The Pillar is considered a sentient force, communicating in an ancient language known as First-Speak. It normally only talks through the Menders, however anyone who knows First-Speak can communicate with it.


Members of Ouroboros are divided into three groups.

The Menders themselves are operatives taken from various points in time and are considered experts in time travel. They have a special link to the Pillar and are even able to converse with it.

Acolytes are not considered full Menders but are still connected to Ouroboros and have the ability to travel to various points in time and space. The Pilgrim is considered the highest-ranking level of Acolyte before becoming a Mender. Acolytes are given extensive training in time travel and manipulation, including understanding the Ancient Language of the First Ones.

Associate Members are those who are familair with Ouroboros and have been in the service of the Menders long enough to gain their trust. This includes known heroes such as Flower Knight.



Associated Members

  • (Any hero or villain entrusted with an Ouroboros Portal)

Other Related Characters


(See also Prometheus)

The Greek Titan responsible for knowledge serves not only as the cause of renewed powers in Paragon City, but he is also one of the creators of the Pillar of Ice and Flame, which makes him a founding member of the Menders along with Silos. His complete involvement with the menders and the creation of Ouroboros remains to be seen.

Doc Tor

(See also Doc Tor)

As a former time manipulator, Doc Tor is the one person expressly prohibited from ever traveling to Ouroboros.

There is some speculation why that is. Some believe that Silos fears him for what Tor can do. Others speculate that the Pillar prevents those experienced with time manipulation from exploiting it.

Whatever the reason, the exiled Utopian is barred from ever being there.

Related Information

Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

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The Menders have made several appearances in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" and "The Guardian Powers" series.