Tainted Eve

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Tainted Eve
The Corrupted Host
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #18
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Eve
Known Aliases: '
Species: Angel (fallen)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Leader
Place of Birth: Creation
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: '
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, The Guardian Powers, Libra Order: Debts of Honor
Known Powers
Known Abilities

Tainted Eve is a fallen angel and villain. She is the leader of the villain group known as The Libra Order.

Character History

Tainted Eve as a Celestial Host

Celestial Being

Eve was once one of the favorite celestial angels, so loved that she became the model for the original "Eve". She served the Celestial Hosts faithfully and without question in a variety of duties, from Warhost to Guardian Angel.

But in the course of her duties as a Guardian Angel, she was assigned to watch over a troubled woman who killed her own infant in a fit of madness.

Weakened by grief, she was seduced and corrupted by a demon known as Balthas the Corrupter. This demon carried a special book of dark magic that allowed him to mask his true presence from all cosmic forces. Little did anyone realize that Balthas fell in love with Eve, and that their love would eventually bring about cosmic condemnation and his own obliteration. He did, however, manage to pass the book on to Eve.

For her part, Eve was found guilty of corruption and given the rare option of choosing the form of her condemnation. She chose mortality, knowing that doing so would make her a target by everyone. But none knew that she had access to the book and had already learned its secrets and how to use the dark magics to her advantage.

She arrived on Mercy Island as a mortal with black wings, a continual reminder of her status as a condemned angel. Soon afterward, she was recruited by the mysterious cosmic being known only as Libra, who explained that he was the one who gave the book to Balthas and that he would continue to serve as Eve's benefactor as long as she fulfills certain tasks on his behalf, including the creation of the supervillain group known as The Libra Order, to bring balance to the Rogue Isles.

Libra Order

Tainted Eve's arrival on Mercy Island

As the leader of the Libra Order, Eve would serve as the chief recruiter for members, often following the direction by her patron and selecting members deeemd by Libra of having "unique value". She also made unusual arrangements, such as one with members of the Guardians of the Dawn to "borrow" the identities of certain Order members.

Some speculate that Eve wasn't as much of a leader in those early years as she was a physical surrogate for Libra.


Following the destruction of Galaxy City, Eve said that she lost all connection to Libra. Being forced to function without the guidance of her patron, Eve built up a network of operatives that could provide various mercenary services.

Eve orchestrated the attack on Galatea Powers by GodKiller at the behest of Ms. Maple.

Eve would later aid Icon Powers and ExGemini traveling to Limbo, where John Cole was being detained by Libra. Libra would tell Eve that everything that had happened was by his design, and it was time for the Order to recoup their "Debts of Honor".

Debts of Honor

(See also "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor")

Following Libra's directive, Eve coordinated the various members of the Order to repay their "Debts of Honor".

This included:

Powers and Abilities

Tainted Eve's primary ability is Necromancy. Using the powerful magic at her command, she can summon various undead monsters that would do her bidding.

Her secondary ability is Dark Miasma. She can tap into mystical forces to drain her enemies of their strength or to steal their life force for her own purposes. She can even use it to cloak herself from detection.

As a fallen angel, she can also fly.

She can also utlize mystic spells to conceal her celetial appearance, especially against detection by other celestial beings such as Tired Angel. This includes taking on an all-human form, similar to when she was a Guardian Angel.


As a former celestial being, Eve is governed more by her passions than one would believe. Early in her banishment, she took on a few lovers as a way to "train" herself in staying in all-human form. But these relationships were temporary for her, and she regretted some of them.

She hates having her authority challenged, especially by Mistress Libra, whom she considers to be a fraud. Mistress Libra, however, usually deflects Eve's outrages by trying to seduce her, which further infuriates Eve.

Eve sees her role with Libra as that of an apostle; no different than when she served the Celestial Hosts. She does not know how this would play out for her in the end, but she hope it will eventually bring her peace.

Other References

Although not seen, Tainted Eve was mentioned by UltraaLady in Issue #17 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series. She later appeared in Issues 18 through 21 as a guide for Daybright during the "Time and Changes" storyline.