Doc Tor

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"Doc" Tor
The Exiled Time Manipulator
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #0
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Galen, Galen Tor, Quinn, Mr. Mung, Steve Jones, Dr. Livingston, Ford
Species: Utopian
Age: unknown
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Eye Color: varies
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Exiled Manipulator
Place of Birth: Utopian Universe
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Low-level telepathy
Known Abilities
Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.
Badge GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Doc Tor is a registered hero and a member of the supergroup known as the Guardians of the Dawn.


The following entry contains material from a classified document entitled "Time Travel for n00bs" detailing conduct involving time-and-space travel. Please regard all documentation as being confidential and not to be publicly distributed.

Character History

Very little is known about the being who is called "Doc Tor" before coming to Paragon City. He says that this is deliberate, and that it is for his own protection as well as for those around him.

It is believed that his first name is Galen, but there is no way to ascertain that "Tor" has any part in his last name, or if he does have a last name. He has also operated under several other names including "Quinn".

From the obscure how-to book "Time Travel for n00bs"

NEVER reveal your real name! For a time traveler, anonymity is their best protection. Imagine what would happen if someone in the past knew who you really were? If that person knew your name was "John Smith" then he or she could ensure that "John Smith" never is born, or never grows up, or never becomes a time traveler. And then where would you be? You'd be nowhere! It's best to invent a new name for yourself. Something generic. Something that should just fade away into obscurity. Or take the name of someone who died. Just don't pick someone who would become famous.

According to Galen, he was part of an extra-dimensional group of beings similar to the Menders of Ouroboros. Their purpose was to observe the course of time through the universe and chart key events. Their observational role was expanded greatly when they became aware of other universes and other possible outcomes of those same events.

Galen discovered through these other universes that there were other beings who would make use of time-and-space travel to re-shape events to their advantage. Although he begged and pleaded with his associates to step in, his fellow travelers reasserted their mission to simply observe and record events.

From the popular how-to book "Time Travel for n00bs"

DO NOT interfere with past events! How do you know that you won't change your own future? So one day you go stomping around the primordial ooze that all life would come from and you sneeze your future-born germs into the ooze. There goes your whole species! So how do you fix that? Well you would have to go back and kill yourself before you sneezed. But what happens if that doesn't fix things? Then you'd have to go back to kill yourself before you kill yourself and see what else happened that changed things. But then if you screw up again you'd have to go back again and kill yourself before you kill yourself before you kill yourself before you destroy your whole species. Do you see just how insane that eventually gets? Or you stop yourself from ever going back in time, but then that creates a whole different set of paradoxes.

Galen decided that he had to disobey orders and step in to stop time from being changed. At first they were modest efforts to confront the operatives directly, but that didn't work. Those that were predetermined to use the power of time to their advantage would never consciously refrain from using it. Eventually he realized that the best way to prevent these people from changing the past is to prevent the circumstances that would eventually give them the means to travel in time and space.

Thus he discovered which beings would be advanced enough to develop such ability and changed their history slightly based on their already-established nature. If a race was militant, he would interject doubt. If they were under the thumb of a dictator, he would instill seeds of revolt. If they were extremely religious, he would introduce reason. The changes were so modest that nobody knew what he was really doing.

From the all-time best-selling novel "Time Travel for n00bs"

If you do decide to make the mistake of changing events, be very careful about WHAT you change, and keep track of the eventual outcomes of those events. Time can account for minimal changes, like stepping on a butterfly, but all things ARE related in terms of time, so eventually those minor changes will have an effect on a major event.

Unfortunately during one of his multiverse travels, he accidentally opened a rift between an unknown universe and the universe designated XHT-S7, bringing the remains of a version of the Earth that was destroyed into the Earth of XHT-S7. It was this debris that crashed down onto the planet on October 30th, 1938, thereby creating that universe's super-powered beings. The rift also caught the attention of a power-mad demigod, making it aware of the existence of other universes.

Galen's people decided that he had done far too much. They found him guilty of Temporal Hubris, which was punishable by either banishment or oblivion. They preferred banishment since they wanted to make an example out of him.

From the internal document jokingly entitled "Time Travel for n00bs"

One of the worst crimes a time-and-space traveler can commit is that of Temporal Hubris, or the belief that manipulating events in time and space would make one a god. First, there are beings who are more powerful than yourself. Some of them have learned the hard way about the consequences of messing with events in time. Second, those that believe themselves to be god-like because of this ability to travel in space and time often end up creating a major paradox that forces those aforementioned "more powerful" beings to take action, or to summon others to take action. Either way, allowing yourself to think that you are a god will set the stage for your own downfall. This, above any other reason, is why travel in time and space should be restricted to observation and documentation only.

Galen was to be removed of all technical devices and knowledge of future events and sent to universe XHT-S7. His superiors timed the banishment to occur at the same time when that universe was about to be destroyed by that same power-mad demigod.

It was at that moment that a rip in time and space was created, which sent himself and three beings of that universe away.

Galen found himself sent into the office of The Editors. Because of his awareness of cosmic events, and to atone for his actions which resulted with the destruction of Universe XHT-S7, not to mention his tendency to ask questions and to poke into things that most would not, he was offered a position with one specific Editor to serve as an observer for the new arrivals to the Paragon Universe, the survivors of XHT-S7 that were being referred to in the local media as the "Guardian Exiles".

To accommodate his new position as an active observer for The Editors, he jokingly took the name "Doc Tor". He also offered his services to the Portal Corporation as a multiverse expert so he could have access to multi-dimensional technology.

Guardian Exiles

In the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight text-only issue, Doc Tor explains to the exiled members Galatea Powers, MidKnight X, and Ryder Lightning that his fascination with their activities was done at the request of another member of their now-destroyed universe, that of semi-retired hero Icon Powers. The Editor would later compliment him on his deception.

Time and Changes

(See also "Time and Changes".)

It was revealed through both Tainted Eve and StarCygnus that Doc Tor knew the cosmic being named Alor and first befriended him under the name "Quinn" before discovering that Alor was the one behind the destruction of several universes. He had attempted to negate Alor's technology and the powers through modest changes in Alor's history, only to discover that Alor was beyond being "altered". He would later confront Alor in his final guise as "StarCygnus" and injure him enough to then be defeated by Icon Powers.

His appearance was also modified at the request of The Editor.


(See also "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH")

Very little is known about Doc Tor's whereabouts prior to September 13, 2011, when Shivan meteors rained down on Paragon City and devastated Galaxy City. Following the "disbanding" of the Guardians of the Dawn, he reportedly spent a lot of time away from Portal Corporation on an independent project.

After the meteor attack, though, both Garry Becker and Richard Cyril of Cyril Corporation publicly accused the Guardians, and Doc Tor specifically, of being responsible for the devastation and loss of life. A hurting populace still trying to cope with the loss quickly sided with Becker and Cyril and blamed many of the Guardians.

Doc Tor's whereabouts are still unknown. It is suspected that he was among the many heroes presumed either lost or killed when the Freedom Corps headquarters was destroyed.

The Guardian Powers

(See also "The Guardian Powers")

It was revealed in Issues 14 and 15 of The Guardian Powers that Doc Tor was made aware of the Shivan meteors prior to the impact and managed to create a "Time Echo" of Galaxy City so he could save as many people as possible. With the help of Galatea Powers, he was able to restore over two thousand people still considered missing or presumed dead.


Although it was believed he was killed during the recovery of the citizens of Galaxy City, it was revealed in the "Guardians of the Dawn 2012 Special" that managed to survive the explosion and appeared in the office of The Editors. When told that there were no new assignments for him now that he was considered "dead" in the Primal Universe, he walked out into the unknown.

In "Future's Guardian" #1, the multiverse operative Agent Sidestep says that Doc Tor (referred to as "Galen") is now considered a multiverse threat.

In "Furia and the Guardians" #4, the deceptive Gill Gamma raised doubts about Tor's death, asking Galatea if she saw Tor's body as confirmation that he was dead.

Powers and Abilities

Doc Tor's primary ability is Illusion Control. He can utilize his advanced mental skills to deceive people and to break down their defenses.

His secondary ability is Empathy. He can heal others and himself.

As "Galen", he originally traveled through time and space, and even through other universes, through a device called the TASMACH (Time And Space MACHine). It created a dimensional fold that put it outside time and space. When he was banished from his associates, he was stripped of all knowledge of how to create or use a TASHMACH.

As Doc Tor, he was working on creating a portable rift device that would give him the ability to travel through space, but so far that ability has been limited to teleporting others, not himself. He had hoped to improve on the device even further with various devices he collected during his time on this Earth. It is not known if he was able to succeed with this.

Doc Tor also carries a Gateway Key which allows him to access the offices of The Editor through a special door in Pocket D.

Related Information

Doc Tor's first appearance was in the text-only "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" Issue #0 (2009) and he was featured in Issue #10 (2010). His last appearance was at the end of the 2012 Special.