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The Destroyer of Worlds
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexander of the First Order
Known Aliases: Alexander the Just, Alexander the Ruthless, The Alpha And Omega Of The Original Gods
Species: Human (mutated)
Age: unknown
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: white
Hair Color: white
Biographical Data
Nationality: his own
Occupation: Ruler and destroyer of all that exist
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Manipulation of time, space, and reality
Multidimensional displacement portal, omniverse protective armor
Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

"These worlds, these realities you know, these are all but shadows of the truth. The Original Gods are real and they are waiting to be returned, and I will be the one to bring them back and make the Omniverse whole again."
- Alor, the Alpha and Omega of the Original Gods

Alor is a multiverse entity also known as "The Destroyer of Worlds". He is the entity responsible for the destruction of several universes, including universe XHT-S7, as well as the reason why the time manipulator Doc Tor was banished by his own people.

Character History

Alexander of the First Order

According to Doc Tor, Alor began as simply Alexander of the First Order, the direct descendant of Alexander the Great, who discovered the existence of other universes. Fixated on the idea that he was great in every instance, in every reality, Alexander ordered the creation of a multiverse portal which would allow him to travel to those worlds and prove himself right.

At first, his voyages to other realities validated his theory, as he encountered alternate versions of himself that were kings, rulers, dictators, philosophers, and even noted shaman. In every instance, Alexander was seen as someone that respected and admired above all.

Then he encountered an alternate version of himself that was living life as a feeble-minded gardener. Angered at this turn of events, he murdered his alternate self, not knowing that this version of Alexander would play a crucial role in that universe's timeline. The resulting change caused a paradox rift that obliterated all that it touched, destroying the Earth and throwing that whole universe into total premature entropy.

Alexander's protective bodysuit, designed to protect him through the rigors of multiverse space, pulled him out before he could be destroyed by entropy, but the expended energy from the destruction of that universe also super-charged his outfit. During this time, he had a vision of beings that he referred to as "The Originals", the original gods of the Omniverse.

From that moment on, he believed that he was one of the reborn "Original Gods", and began calling himself Alor, the Alpha and the Omega of the Originals.

And with that rebirth came a new mission: the complete restoration of the "Original Universe" and the resurrection of the "Original Gods".

The Rise and Fall of Alor

Upon his return to his home universe, Alor began adapting his various portal devices to fulfill his objective. His devices would seek out "fixed point" entities, much like he was, and he would then travel to those worlds and destroy those entities, thus destroying those universes. His suit would then feed off the expended energy, making him more and more powerful.

Eventually this attracted the attention of a multiverse-traveling Utopian known as Doc Tor. Introducing himself as "Quinn", he gained Alor's trust enough for him to discover the ultimate goal of such destruction. Confronting Alor with the facts, the mad demigod tried to destroy the Utopian, only to have him disappear though his travel device.

Tor realized that Alor was mad with power and needed to be stopped. He believed that the best way to stop Alor was to go back in time and prevent Alor gaining power in the first place. He began to alter Alor's past as Alexander, thinking it would prevent him from being aware of other realities. Unfortunately his efforts were for naught, as Alor's existence became a fixed point. No matter what happened to him, the universe would always find a way to bring him to where he was.

Tor then tried to find ways to stop Alor's efforts, but unfortunately he was recalled back to his home universe. During that time, Alor used his growing power to perfect his ultimate device so he would not have to travel to other realities. The cost of this device was devastating to his own universe, scavenging the walls of his own reality every time it was used.

The Utopians deemed Alor to be a threat to all reality. They condemned Tor's actions, and they finally agreed that something must be done about it. They recruited the most powerful and most experienced heroes from across the multiverse into an army, led by Icon Powers of universe XHT-S7. Though this version of Icon Powers was older and less powerful, he still possessed enough experience to be able to lead this army against Alor.

Unfortunately the assault failed as Alor was able to use a portion of his own power to create minions capable of guarding his stronghold. One by one, the heroes fell, and Icon was captured on Alor's orders so he could be made an example of.

While Alor prepared his device to destroy Icon's home universe, another hero arrived on the scene. A disguised Daybright from the Primal Universe three years in the future had been recruited by the cosmic force Libra to aid Icon. Although she was able to free Icon and they were able to shut down Alor's device, the damage had already been done and Universe XHT-S7 was destroyed.

Their actions, though, linked XHT-S7 to the Primal Universe, sending several heroes near the original maw (including Tor, who was sent there by his fellow Utopians to die) to the Primal Universe and creating multiple portals around the Primal Earth. Alor, attempting to re-connect himself to the dying universe, found himself peering into Primal Earth and exclaiming "NO, THIS WILL NOT DO" before the portals closed.

With the device damaged beyond repair, there was nothing that would stop Alor's universe from succumbing to entropy. But Alor was undeterred. He vowed he would simply set up his devices again in the Primal Universe while Daybright and Icon are stranded in a dying universe.

Both Icon and Daybright attempt to stop Alor from leaving, each prepared to sacrifice their own lives in the process, but were both stopped by Galatea Future, a far-future version of Galatea Powers who had since evolved into a god-level Omega Incarnate. Using the devices of Ouroboros incorporated into her Aegis Armor, she sent Daybright back to Limbo and sent Icon Powers back to the Utopians. She then summoned the alternate-time Rularuu from her own past to ensure that Alor would die along with his universe. She then watched as the alternate Rularuu held Alor until final entropy destroyed everything, including Alor himself.

(Note: In the "original" timeline, one which would lead to Galatea Future's creation, it would be Daybright who sacrificed herself to keep Alor in his dying universe.)


(See the "Time and Changes" storyline.)

Although Alor was physically destroyed, a portion of his essence survived in the Primal Universe. When he was briefly connected to the Primal Universe through the various fractured dimensional holes, one of those holes encountered the orbiting Space Shuttle Cygnus. The encounter imprinted Alor's essence in the shuttle and its crew, including Major Hank Geddy. This imprinting allowed Major Geddy to survive the crash of the shuttle and the violent re-entry to Earth as his body merged with the shuttle's technology to become a cybernetic being.

Major Geddy's body was put in the care of his father, Lord Lee Geddy of the information-collecting Rocinante Group. Fueled by revenge, Lord Geddy went along with his son's idea for revenge by molding himself into a superhero by the name of StarCygnus and arranged to have him publicly "save" the President of the United States, thus getting in position to become a member of the Guardians of the Dawn superhero group; the very group that had all of the members he needed to have access to in order to carry out their revenge.

As StarCygnus, Alor's consciousness slowly began collecting other portions of his essence that were touched by other technological devices. This allowed Alor to rebuild himself into a digital essence, similar to an alternate version of himself he encountered when he first visited other realities.

Finally, when Alor collected enough of his essence, he fully took over the body of StarCygnus to kill Daybright, forcing all of her various teleportation devices to activate at once. (Alor was unaware that, in doing so, it allowed Libra to "recruit" Daybright for the mission in 2007, thus completing the circle of events that led to his downfall.)

His next target was the Freedom Phalanx member Citadel. Citadel's backup data facility allowed him the means to create an army of robotic drones to build a new gateway portal, where he could re-create the visit to the Omniverse that supposedly "gave" him his god-like powers. He also paid a visit to Icon Powers, who at the time was being questioned by the police, easily rendering Powers unconscious.

As a joint Guardians/Phalanx team attempted to rescue their missing comrades, Alor was able to defeat them using the information he had collected of both groups. That left "Quinn", aka Doc Tor, who was waiting for Alor by the now-active gateway portal. Tor did not stop Alor from entering the portal, but did warn him that his current "body" was not the same as his original flesh-and-blood incarnation, which also had special protection. Sure enough, when Alor touched the portal threshold, a surge of energy overwhelmed his cybernetic components and broke his digital control over Citadel's drones.

When Alor attempted to re-establish his control over the drones so they could help him, he encountered both Citadel and Icon Powers, both of whom were freed by Street Justice and Lady Templar, two "new" heroes that neither he nor StarCygnus have on file. He fled to the mainframe system, trying to download his digital self into the system to escape, only to face Icon Powers in one final battle. The explosion destroyed much of the mainframe system.

Afterward, Vanguard agents along with Sister Psyche and Numina managed to separate Alor's digital essence from Major Geddy's body and all technology that Alor had controlled, placing the digitized version of Alor in a standalone server and placed in a storage facility insulated from any kind of remote connection.

Maximus Rex commented that Alor sought to become a god, and in the end he became nothing but a digital myth.

Powers and Abilities

As Alor, Alexander of the First Order was almost unstoppable. He possessed the power to bend and twist the rules of reality itself, allowing him to scavenge cosmic forces for his own use. As such, the only beings that could truly stop him here omega-level incarnates like Galatea Future and true gods like Rularuu.

As part of Starcygnus, Alor's powers were limited to technology. Once stripped of that, he was nothing more than a digital consciousness.


Alor was a megalomaniac. He always craved power and control, but after his "revelation", this was focused on a mission to restore the original gods, even though he had no idea who or what they were, and that somehow he was always meant to be one.

Alor was smart, but he always believed he was smarter than anyone else. He also believed that his greatness was trans-dimensional.

Related Information

Although not named directly, his first appearance was in Issue #0 of "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" (2009) and makes partial appearances in Issues 1-3 (2009) and Issue #19 as well as being mentioned by Doc Tor in Issue #10. He was featured in Issue #20 and was the arch-villain in the "Time and Changes" storyline.

It is suspected an alternate version of him resides in the world of Champions Online MMO but it has yet to be determined.