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The formerly-ascended starchild.
Creator: Nathan Furian
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #12
Game: City of Heroes MMO
Personal Data
Real Name: Nathan Furian
Known Aliases: '
Species: something other
Age: unknown
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: cosmic force
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Badge GotD-hon.png This character is an honorary member of the Guardians of the Dawn superhero group.

ExGemini is a registered hero in Paragon City. He is also an honorary member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Character History

Formerly Ascended

ExGemini is an old cosmic force given flesh. He came to Earth as one of the early wave of heroes answering the call of Statesman to help rebuild Paragon City after the First Rikti Invasion and aided them through those rough initial years of rebuilding.

Sadly, he grew tired of the continual dangers the city faced and the restrictions placed on those in the city. He longed for a more simplistic existence, and thus he announced his intention to retire. But as he left, he met a young hero named Midnight Arachnia whose career was just starting and found her enthusiasm (and her beauty) appealing. Although he could not accept her offer to join a new hero group called the Guardians of the Dawn, he did promise to keep in touch with her.

For many years, Ex retired to a private island, surrounded by beautiful and powerful people and enjoying a more relaxed life. But during that time, he could not help but keep an eye on the young woman he met and on the supergroup that he declined.

Return To Paragon City

When word broke out that Midnight Arachnia was being charged with treason and had fled back to the Rogue Isles, Ex began his return to active service in Paragon City, calling up Lady Grey to resume his role with Vanguard and mount a rescue. Although his assistance was not needed (thanks in no small part to the Midnight Squad), he enjoyed being back in Paragon City, serving in a semi-active status with Vanguard.

During this time, he was contacted by Midnight Arachnia for help in dealing with the unstable threat that was Leona Powers, the "twin sister" of Galatea Powers. Ex eagerly accepted the opportunity to finally work with the Guardians.

Ex was key in keeping Leona Powers occupied while the Guardians worked on saving Galatea. His cosmic powers were evenly matched against her abilities and prevented Leona from causing too much damage to the city.

Following the conflict, ExGemini convinced Midnight Arachnia that she should spend some time with him on his private island. She eagerly accepted.


Several months after Midnight Arachnia disappeared, ExGemini again returned to Paragon City, reportedly after receiving a strange email message from her. Icon Powers was able to explain the email as a technical glitch, but Ex still insisted that they try to find the missing Guardian.

After meeting with Tainted Eve, the three took a trip to the Limbo Universe to confront Libra, who was responsible for the disappearance of both John Cole and Midnight Arachnia. With frustrations getting the better of him, ExGemini attempted to challenge Libra, only to find himself knocked back by a wave of cosmic power and expelled from Limbo.

It was later discovered that he was sent to Italy, where he arrived naked in the middle of a nunnery.

Trip to Praetoria

Following a mysterious meeting between Lyon Powers and the alternate-universe counterpart to her deceased sister, Icon Powers contacted ExGemini again, this time to go to the Praetorian Universe to find Midnight Arachnia.

It was discovered that Libra had recruited John Cole and Midnight Arachnia to combat the threat that Emperor Cole presented after he had become the "chosen champion" of the "Well of the Furies". The two were to challenge Tyrant and force the Well to chose another champion, namely Statesman. However, Statesman's death changed things. Libra could not send John Cole to the Praetorian Universe as he would be the next preferred champion. So, instead, Libra sent Midnight Arachnia through alone.

Icon and Ex joined Furia, who was a member of the Resistance, and learned that Midnight Arachnia - now operating under the name "Lady Midnight" - was captured by the Praetorian version of her adopted brother. Furia arranged a trap where the Praetorians would send their roughest soldiers to face off against Icon and Ex while she freed Midnight Arachnia. The two experienced superheroes easily trounced the hardened soldiers and Furia made off with their friend.

Later, Midnight Arachnia and ExGemini agreed to stay in Praetoria to continue working to overthrow Tyrant, while Icon and Furia returned to the Primal Universe.

They have not been heard from since, although Furia says that should be expected when it came to the Resistance.

Powers and Abilities

The closest description of his true nature, as provided by ExGemini himself, is that he is a "Starchild", a highly-evolved being that transcends physical limitations, but has chosen to return to corporeal form.

His primary ability is Luminous Blast. He can emit bolts of pure white light.

His secondary ability is Luminous Aura, which allows him to use light as a defensive measure.

In addition to having the inherent ability to fly, ExGemini seems to possess tremendous knowledge of the universe that surpasses those of other beings. He currently wears heavy Vanguard armor, but it is not known if this armor serves any kind of function.

It is not known what his true abilities are or if he has any kind of limitations. It has been suggested by some that the figure we see isn't even his true form.

Related Appearances

ExGemini was first mentioned but not seen in Issue #12 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series as one of the people contacted by founding members Captain Paragonna and Midnight Arachnia in 2007 for possible recruitment. Captain Paragonna reported that ExGemini had recently retired, claiming to have been burned out of the hero business, but wished the team luck.

ExGemini is first visually seen in Issue #24 as one of the many heroes recruited by the Guardians for help in combating Leona Powers in the "Galatea Dawning" storyline.

He later appeared in Issue #7 of "The Guardian Powers" and will be making frequent appearances as the heroes search for the missing Midnight Arachnia.