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New Year, New President, New Rules!


And now we're back... hope everyone had a great vacation.

Few bits of news to catch us up. Apparently the spammers haven't gone away even though they are beaten. They keep trying, we keep banning and blocking when they try.

We've had to make one more adjustment because they found a way to get in by using a dummy email to confirm their IP. So until further notice, all forum applications must be approved by the admins before they can get in, and that includes valid applications from real people. Sorry, but you can thank the Internet's criminal scum for that change.

Another change is we've found a way to get rid of those annoying automatic Table of Contents frames. It's a little command that we've started to include in all Comic Box, Character Box, and Storyline Box frames. Those pages that currently use those features don't have to do anything because it's part of the code now so it's already in there. It doesn't affect the content that you put in, only removes the table of contents box that can take up a huge chunk of web space when you have a big series to list.

Hope everyone have survived the winter and the wrath of our new president.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Questions? Any tips you would like to share? Let us know!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 02:14, 16 February 2017 (PST) )

Featured Article

Using Public Figures In Comics

One of the ways that comic writers try to bring their readers into their fictional world is in the use of real-world people, places, and events.

Probably the most memorable use of real-world characters in comics is the oversized DC Comics special "Superman Versus Muhammad Ali". While the casual reader may think that this boxing fight would be tremendously lopsided, the writers found a way to make the fight realistic and for Superman to face Ali without his powers. But he wasn't the only real-world figure in that issue, as numerous celebrities could be seen on the cover, including the Jackson 5, Lucile Ball, John Wayne, Orson Wells, and former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

But using public figures in comics is not a relatively new concept. In fact, DC's first incarnation of Action Comics had a fictional story where Superman stopped World War II before it could even begin. In one issue, Superman traveled to Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union and personally snatched Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Josef Stalin and delivered them to the League of Nations for war crimes trials, thus stopping the threat of another world war. Of course, the writers had to then outright state at the end of the issue that it was just a work of fiction and wishful thinking.

Legally speaking, anyone considered in "the public eye" is considered a public figure, and thus can be used in fictional works without having to worry about copyright issues. Government leaders and politicians quickly come to mind, but this also applies to entertainers, athletes, and even religious figures. In 1988, the United States Supreme Court ruled that televangelist Jerry Falwell was a public figure, and, thus his image could be used for parody or satirical purposes.

But some people are not comfortable using real-world figures in their creations, even if they are in the public eye. In those situations, what the creators do is they create their own figure. Sometimes it's a pastiche or parody of a real-world person or even a combination of several real-world people. The best example of this is the character Garry Becker, who is based on the real-life media personality Glenn Beck, but is not a direct impersonation of the person.

President Barack Obama has been seen several times in comics published through Battlerock Comics, most recently in "Furia and the Guardians" #20. As president, Obama was clearly a public figure. But with him stepping down at the end of his second term, his "public figure" status is a little more murky.

On the other hand, newly-sworn President Donald Trump has been a celebrity decades before he decided to run for office. His larger-than-life personality has made him someone almost born to be subject of fictional characterization.

But even as a long-time public figure, there are a few things one should not do even to someone like President Trump (or "Citizen Trump" for that matter). Libel and slander charges can still be filed against people if it can be proved there is actual malice involved in the portrayal of the figure. Even if they don't prevail, sometimes just the threat of legal action is enough to convince people to not use real-world figures.

A good rule of thumb with public figures is to use their appearances sparingly. A quick cameo is best. Don't have your comic character do anything the real-world person isn't already known for or anything that they wouldn't do or say in the real-world. (Given who our current POTUS is, that is a pretty wide berth)

And if you still have doubts or hesitations, then pass on the public figure and create your own.

Using real-world public figures can be a good tool for your comics, but just remember that they are still people, and you should always ask yourself if you would like to see yourself portrayed in someone else's comics in the same way.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Talk about it here!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 17:02, 2 March 2017 (PST) )

Presented by the C.C.C.


The City of Comic Creators was founded in early 2008, and was initially created to promote comic book creations by the fans and players of the City Of Heroes/City of Villains/Going Rogue franchise. This is done by promoting the creation of comic books, and educating the player-base on the how's, the why's and the where's of comic book creation, publication, and representation.

The CCC has since expanded its scope to include fan-made creations involving ALL MMOs in the hopes of providing a resource for players to enjoy fan-made creations, and also for comic creators themselves to develop their skills to create the best comics their talent and imagination can provide.

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