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The MMO Comic Index is a MMO fan-based and fan-run WikiMedia website providing information about the various MMO Comic Book series, characters and even helpful tips, guides and more to help YOU in making your own fan-based comics.

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Greetings to the listeners of Dawn Radio

Dawn Radio is the official Internet radio station of Paragon Dawn, one of the premiere supergroups of Champions Online. It is a multi-talented multi-platform medium suited for a variety of MMO players. They are also the hosts of the premiere virtual superhero convention known as Dawn Con!

Give them a listen and Embrace the Dawn!

Special greetings to the listeners of The Cape Radio

TheCape-BlackButton.jpg The Cape Radio is the finest player-run Internet radio station. While originally designed for players in the City of Heroes MMO, The Cape Radio has since redirected their attention to all MMORPG players. With a variety of music, a vast array of talent, and plenty of player-oriented activities, The Cape Radio is THE station anyone should listen to while saving the day, or even saving the galaxy.

You're not Super until you put on The Cape!

MMO Comic Index News

Coming Soon To A Virtual Convention Near You!


We are proud to announce that both Battlerock X and .Ra will be guests in this year's virtual convention DawnCon VI starting on July 25th.

A virtual convention is one that takes place only online. In this case, the convention is hosted by the superhero group Paragon Dawn and their streaming radio service Dawn Radio. As the title implies, this is the sixth year of this virtual convention, and it spans multiple MMO platforms, including the not-so-secret City of Heroes MMO private servers and Champions Online MMO. The advantage of having a virtual convention is that you do not have to travel, stay in overpriced hotels, consume overpriced food, or spend money on autographs and bootleg videos.

Several events are scheduled which will span multiple MMORPGs, including interviews, chats, and contests.

.Ra will be a returning guest for DawnCon. He is known for the 3D animated graphic novels such as The Crucible and The Crucible Unlimited.

This will be Battlerock X's first time appearing as a guest for DawnCon, although he has attended last year's convention. He is best known for a variety of MMO-based comics, most recently Future's Guardian and Battlerock Comics Presents.

If you are interested in attending and want to know more about the upcoming events, please visit the Facebook Events page.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Questions? Any tips you would like to share? Let us know!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 18:04, 18 May 2020 (PDT))

Featured Article

Don't Be Afraid To Have Help

In major comic publishing companies such as Marvel or DC Comics, the art of making comics is a group activity. There are different people involved in writing, drawing, inking, coloring, editing, and then publishing every comic under their banner. Every story is hashed out and discussed in meetings long before you even hear about it, never mind see it on the store shelf.

With non-professional comic creators, though, it's usually one or sometimes two people handling everything.

That's why it helps to get a second or third sets of eyes on your work.

Getting help from other comic creators or simply from friends or family members gives you an independent view of your work. Sometimes they will spot errors that you have not noticed. Sometimes they will see a scene that they may question, and maybe give you suggestions on how to fix it. This gives you the opportunity to make the needed changes and corrections before the comic is published, rather than try to struggle afterward with re-publishing corrected issues.

And, if you think about it, some of the greatest comics published were a team effort. Siegel and Shuster. Lee and Kirby. Keane and Finger. Wolfman and Perez. Waid and Ross.

Never be afraid to ask for some extra eyes.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Talk about it here!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 18:25, 18 May 2020 (PDT) )

Presented by the C.C.C.


The City of Comic Creators was founded in early 2008, and was initially created to promote comic book creations by the fans and players of the City Of Heroes/City of Villains/Going Rogue franchise. This is done by promoting the creation of comic books, and educating the player-base on the how's, the why's and the where's of comic book creation, publication, and representation.

The CCC has since expanded its scope to include fan-made creations involving ALL MMOs in the hopes of providing a resource for players to enjoy fan-made creations, and also for comic creators themselves to develop their skills to create the best comics their talent and imagination can provide.

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