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Logo of the Paragon News Network
Alternate logo of the Paragon News Network

Paragon News Network, or simply "PNN", is a privately-owned cable news channel in the world of the City of Heroes MMO dedicated to news concerning life in Paragon City.


Cable Channel

PNN was created in the 1990's during the attempted takeover by the other-worldly supervillian known as Reichsman, initially to provide emergency information for civilians through the normal cable services, but later it was remolded to follow the lead set by its national counterpart and became an active 24-hour news service.

In 2002 PNN's broadcasting facilities were taken over by the United Nations Vanguard organziation to provide the public with up-to-date information about Rikti activity and emergency evacuation and refugee resources. The network was restored to normal control after the Invasion.

In 2007, PNN suffered the on-air loss of reporter Monica Munroe and her cameraman Zeke on the onset of the Second Rikti Invasion as they were killed by a Rikti Bomb. The repercussions of that tragedy would be remembered the following year during PNN's coverage of the Wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche.

In 2009-10, The PNN building was in part taken over by the Avatar of the Winter Lord, and his minions. This take-over was thwarted and ended after 30 minutes by Evil Malibu Barbie. It was pretty much localized to the Production Booth and the RONA Live! Set.

In 2010, the PNN building was taken over by the group Anarchy-999. Their leader was able to broadcast the group's somewhat chaotic conspiracy messages for about thirty minutes before control was restored by members of the Guardians of the Dawn. Coverage of the rescue operation, especially of Lyon Powers and Galatea Powers, became one of the highest-rated periods in the network's history.

In 2011, PNN formally changed their corporate name from Paragon News Network, Incorporated to PNN Media Incorporated to appeal to the next generation of viewers, and to also fit its broad scope of media services.

PNN Radio

PNN Radio originally started as AM station WPGN in Paragon City in 1931, the same year that Statesman first appeared. WPGN covered the legendary "Brass Monday" event in which the Freedom Phalanx took on and defeated Nemesis and his Prussian forces. Afterwards they became the biggest supporters for the Citizen Crime Fighting Act. They also covered the attempted German invasion of Paragon City on December 7th, 1941, highlighting the valiant sacrifice of Atlas.

From the 1940's until 1990, WPGN was part of the Hero Network System, a national syndication network of stations providing superhero news and updates. This network included WPSDR Radio in the Rogue Isles, as well as a partnership with the British Broadcasting Network.

After the launch of the PNN cable network, WPGN became the center of the new PNN Radio syndication network, and changed their call sign to WPNN. Over the years, greater emphasis was placed on TV, and the PNN radio facilities were moved to the lower half of the PNN building, otherwise known as "the basement".

The radio station is currently enjoying a tremendous surge in popularity with the return of controvercial media personality Garry Becker now as a syndicated radio show host. It has also been moved from "the basement" and is not far from Studio A.

Paragon Times Newspaper

In 2012, PNN Media finalized is acquisition of The Paragon Times newspaper, the first and oldest newspaper service in the city, and moved their operations to PNN Center.

The acquisition makes PNN Media the largest multimedia service not only in Paragon City, but also for the whole state of Rhode Island, almost rivalling the major national entertainment corporations.

Like most other news services, PNN also has its own online news website, providing breaking news and streaming media.

The one service that offers that other news websites do not, though, is an active archive of heroes in Paragon City. This is done with cooperation with the Paragon City Times and allows paid subscribers to search for and view news articles concerning various heroes going all the way back to the original Freedom Phalanx. While not entirely accurate, it does provide more information than through a normal Internet search.

PNN Personalities

According to Rona LIVE! (Season 2, Issue 2), the General Manager of PNN is Kenny "KC" Emerson.

PNN Center

According to Issue #11 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series, the PNN building known as the PNN Center is located in Steel Canyon a few blocks away from the Green Line transit station.

This building is the center of all PNN Media operations, including Studio A (where the news services are located), Studio B (where Rona Cosell has her operations), WPNN Radio offices and studios, and the Paragon Times Newspaper.

PNN Programs

PNN airs a variety of programs during its normal hours including:

  • Behind the Mask - A news-magazine dedicated to providing secrets of the most celebrated of heroes and the most nefarious of villains, again hosted by Anchorwoman Rona Cosell.
  • The Garry Becker Experience - A commentary show featuring controvercial media personality Garry Becker. The show was cancelled in 2011 after Becker publicly bet his career on the special election for District Attorney and lost. It was running in reruns until 2012 when he returned to PNN as a radio host. Occasionally PNN will air a "Best Of" special.
  • Where Are They Now? - A second look at the story-makers of yesterday and seeing what has happened to them.
  • PNN Midday - A midday news segment hosted by Robin Steed.
  • PNN Dinnertime - An early-evening show hosted by Robin Steed that buffers between "The Garry Becker Experience" and "Rona Live!"
  • Rate My Base - A humorous look at base design and how they can be improved upon by a panel of experts.
  • PNN PvP - PNN's sports show, focusing on the only sporting event allowed in Paragon City... The Arena!
  • City of Gangs - A newsmagazine series focusing on the various gangs and other criminal operations in Paragon City. Hosted by Nan Bracer.
  • Rogue Watch - A conservative-slanted look at activity in the Rogue Isles.
  • Cross-Eyed - PNN's celebrated political show where liberals and conservatives trade barbs over the subjects of the day.
  • Carson's Token - Icon designer Carson offers a free costume change for the most desperate and deserving.
  • The Situation Room - Happenings around Paragon City and the Rogue Isles that are of no importance to the General Public.
  • The New Garry Becker Experience (PNN Radio) - An afternoon radio show featuring Garry Becker.
  • The Church Of The New Conservative (PNN Radio) - A midnight radio program featuring Reverend Neo-Con.