Mender Ramiel

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Mender Ramiel is a member of the Menders of Ouroboros in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

Character History

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Mender Ramiel claims to come from a "far future" version of Ouroboros. This is misleading as Ouroboros is a perpetual time anomaly placed in the final moments of Event Terminal for the universe.

Ramiel has journeyed far beyond Carbon Law for time-travelers in search for a solution to the "Great Storm" that threatens Earth in the 21st century. During that time, he's seen far more than any other mender and has learned more about incarnate beings than anyone should. He is currently keeping this knowledge to himself, but the fact that he has taken action to aid certain people should let you know that he is troubled with what he has learned.

Powers and Abilities


Related Information

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Mender Ramiel was influential to Galatea Future in the "Time and Changes" storyline.