Arktic Chill

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Arktic Chill
The Ice Mutant That Hates Cold!
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #6
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Hunter Bloodmoon
Known Aliases: none
Species: human (mutant)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (Naturalized)
Occupation: registered hero
Place of Birth: Anchoridge
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother, Unnamed father
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
ice manipulation
Known Abilities
Badge GotD-Ex.png This character is a former member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Arktic Chill was a founding member of the Guardians of the Dawn supergroup. He first appears in Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight Issue #6 (2010).

Character History


Hunter Bloodmoon is not a happy mutant.

Hunter grew up in Anchoridge, Alaska. His father was an Iñupiaq, and his mother was a Miami native who wanted to escape the heat.

Hunter HATED the cold. He HATED winter. And he HATED SNOW, and everything that was connected to it. He wanted to move out of Alaska as fast as possible and go to Miami or even Key West and spend all day in the sun. He dreamed of doing that.

This hatred of the cold was even worse when his parents forced him to travel to the northern part of the Alaskan wilderness to meet with his tribe. The only part of that experience that he even modestly enjoyed was seeing the Northern Lights. Other than that, he despised the trip. The tribe's elder warned the young Hunter that what he despises the most he will have to deal with all his life.

Unfortunately for him, fate had a perverse sense of irony. When he discovered he was a mutant, he desperately hoped that his powers would involve heat, or fire, or anything warm. He even went so far as to pay for a phony program that promised to "custom-design" his mutation power, but turned it was a waste of money. Instead of heat, he discovered he had building mastery over ICE and COLD.

When he turned 18, his father gave him what he always wanted, a plane ticket to Miami, and then wished him well. He quickly took the ticket and left Alaska, vowing never to return there again.

He flew to Miami to start a new life, and for a few weeks, he actually had one. Until he developed a severe fever that got worse and worse with every day. The doctors could not figure out what was happening to him. When they realized that he was a mutant, however, they immediately contacted specialists in Paragon City. They diagnosed Hunter with having Thermo-Sensitive Disorder, a physiological disorder common with environment-based mutation abilities. Essentially the heat of the South was killing him.

He was given a special bodysuit to regulate his body temperature, and was told that he could not travel any further south than the District of Columbia for any length of time, or else the warmer climates would eventually kill him.

Seeking to pay off his huge hospital debt, he decided to put his mutant ability to where it could do some good... specifically as a registered hero in Paragon City under the code-name Arktic Chill.

In 2008 he was one of the three founding members of the Guardians of the Dawn supergroup, serving as Vice-Chairperson.


In the events chronicled in the "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" special, it was revealed that Arktic Chill was one of several heroes reported missing following the destruction of Galaxy City in 2011. He was rescued along with the other 2200 citizens in November of 2012 by Galatea Powers and Doc Tor and was eventually able to rejoin the newly-resurrected Guardians.

Forced Exile

According to accounts in "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION", Arktic Chill was involved in an "incident" in 2013 that led to the hospitalization of Whyspera and Street Justice.

Most of the details are still under wraps, but what has been pieced together is that Arktic was with Whyspera at the 2013 Tina Bello Charity Concert to give his teammate moral support. At some point after her singing, the two were in close proximity to each other when their respective powers were triggered. While Whyspera was taken to the hospital afterward, the damage to her throat was extensive.

After the "incident", Whyspera's boyfriend, Street Justice, blamed Arktic for what happened. The two fought in the streets of Steel Canyon, and Arktic was forced to encase Street Justice in a block of ice. Street Justice was taken to the hospital, but, again, the damage to his body from the extreme freezing was too extensive, and he lost both his arms.

Arktic has since went into hiding.

Powers and Abilities

His primary ability is Cold Domination. He can project extremely cold temperatures at opponents, slowing down their activities and breaking down their defenses.

His secondary ability is Ice Blast. He can project extreme cold at opponents, hurting them.


Hunter has developed a reputation of being a "horndog", often trying to seduce female heroes, police officers, and members of Longbow. He briefly dated Midnight Arachnia prior to the incident detailed in the "Limelight" storyline. They remain friends, and she is one of the few people he will still confinde with.

Ms. Liberty frequently turns down his advances, as does Coeur Du Feu. The only heroines he has never tried to approach are Pyrogurl (because of her age), Sister Psyche (she threatened to mentally neuter him) and Galatea Powers, whom he considers "too intimidating".

After the "Galaxy City Miracle", Hunter found himself getting closer and closer to fellow teammate Whyspera. In addition to being a fellow mutant, the two were also affected by their time in the "time echo" of Galaxy City. It was believed that this was as close to an actual relationship that Hunter ever got.

What few people know is that Hunter's "horndog" personality is really a ruse, as his TSD condition had progressed to the point where he cannot function without his bodysuit outside of conditions that would be physically uncomfortable for normal women.

To pass the time, Hunter agreed to become the ghostwriter and administrator of the "We Heart Galatea Powers" website, monitoring the website on behalf of Galatea for any information that could reveal her secret identity, as well as promote her image to her many fans. Unfortunately, this position was abandoned after the "incident" of 2013.