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The Psycho With Swords
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #21
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: Wendy Slade, Darling, Banged-up-beotch, Beotch-With-Blades, fun at parties, Boba-babe
Species: human (mutant)
Age: unknown
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: purple (not natural, but that is what it is now)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (we think)
Occupation: psycho-for-hire
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: We REALLY hope there aren't any!
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Regeneration, pneumonic memory, being able to unnerve people
Known Abilities
killing, mayhem, blowing bubbles in places you don't expect
swords... lots and lots of swords, and her hot leathers, and her "face" so she can do her "Boba" thing

BloodBlader is an operative of the clandestine Shadowborn organization.

Character History

Much of BloodBlader's past is kept a secret. Partially this is for security reasons, but also because she's changed her life story on a whim.

According to information on file with the Rocinante Group, a girl calling herself "Wendy Slade" was recruited off the streets as a teenager to take part in an experimental drug test that would enhance her latent mutant healing ability to give her instataneous regeneration from any injury. Unfortunately when they tested the effects, her healing powers were not fully active, resulting in the marring of her face. Soon after, her natural mutant ability kicked in, which then prevented surgeons from performing plastic surgery to repair the damage to her face.

The trauma of the experiment had other side-effects, including changing her hair color to purple, and making her somewhat antisocial. With modeling out of the question, she focused her attention on training her mind and body to fighting. She found that she could retain any lesson taught to her just by observation, which allowed her to speed through training.

Her love for violence, brought out by her antisocial personality, instantly gave her the codename "BloodBlader". Not long after that, she severed all ties with her former teacher (not to mention sever his throat) and began to work for the Rocinante Group as one of the more "extreme" field agents.

Her Shadowborn confirmation codeword is "Vivisect".

Encounters with the Guardians

BloodBlader was called into service by Ms. Maple after the administrative assistant had a late-night encounter with MidKnight X in the Rocinante Building. Her strange fixation of the elder administrative executive only fueled her desire to see the dark vigilante suffer.

She soon would get her encounter with MidKnight X during the battle against StarCygnus. It would be a short-lived battle as X would be rendered unconscious by one of StarCygnus' drones, but she was later kept busy with the location of the Guardian base on Talos Island. However she made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a utility tunnel, where she was easily defeated by Daybright. She would eventually escape from police custody by killing the officers, and returned to the Rocinante Group through the sewers.

She would later be goaded into a new confrontation with MidKnight X, where he clearly overpowered her in the streets of Kings Row and told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from "his domain".

Later, while preparing for what she believed would be "open season" on Galatea Powers, she was given a new assignment by Malcolm Rochspare, who was at that time the newly-appointed Chief Legal Officer of the Rocinante Group. Rochspare sent BloodBlader to kill a witness that could potentially have him disbarred from practicing law. While she was able to kill the officers that were guarding the witness, the witness herself fled the area and was later kidnapped by the Outcast street gang. BloodBlader then encountered Captain Paragonna and new hero Pharon. Fueled by the death of her fellow officers, the superhero policewoman made quick work of BloodBlader, snapping the killer's neck with her spinning kick. BloodBlader was not dead, though, and it was believed that her healing powers would once again make her whole. But she would do so in the prison infirmary.

At last report, she was behind bars in the women's section of the Zigursky Correctional Facility serving multiple life sentences without any possibility of parole.

Attempted Jailbreak

At one point, as told in "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor" one-shot special, Wrathstrike was contracted to liberate Bloodblader from prison on behalf of Ms. Maple. Unfortunately, Malcolm Rochspare then overruled Maple and cancelled the contract, leaving the Psycho With Swords in her cell, much to the horror of her cellmates.

Powers and Abilities

Bloodblader's primary ability is Dual Blades. She is, after all, the "Psycho With Swords". She has been trained to wield two swords. Or one sword. Or two swords in one hand. Or two swords in one hand and one sword in the other. She's tried two swords in each hand, but it got clumsy. Her preferred weapons of choice are two finely-crafted swords designed just for her use, although she is equally proficient with any bladed weapon she can get her hands on. (You do not want to see her grooming habits.)

Her secondary ability is Regeneration. Her mutant ability (initially too latent to classify) allows her to recover quickly from injuries, although it is not as efficient as it should be, as evidenced by the markings on her face. It also allows her to instantly memorize any activity and repeat it. This is how she was able to quickly learn how to be so good with swords.

Her preferred outfit consists of what she calls her "hot leathers", a utility belt with skull-shaped pouches (no they're not real skulls), and her "face", which is really a special tech visor, but she likes it because she thinks it makes her look like Boba Fett.


To call her psychotic would be an understatement. BloodBlader seems to operate in her own reality, which only vaguely mirrors our own. She is a true sociopath; amoral, anarchistic, atheistic, and anti-theist. The only rule is what she can get away with.

She plays her own music in her head, which she sometimes dances to, and sings if she feels so inclined. And sometimes she dances with her swords, which only makes it even more dangerous.

She has an obsessive fixation on Ms. Maple because she is an older woman who has a longtime unrequited fixation on Lord Geddy. Of course the fixation on Ms. Maple can never be satisfied, and she knows it, which only makes the lure more attractive for her.

She also has an obsessive fixation on MidKnight X, because he isn't afraid to fight her, which she loves. She's not masochistic, but she does love the adrenalin from fighting. Sometimes she'll pick a fight simply for the adrenalin. And if enough adrenalin is in her system, she'll sleep with whomever gives her a "rush". It doesn't matter who. It's not a matter of romance for her. It's strictly lust-fulfillment and control.

Other References

BloodBlader first appeared in Issue #21 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series, but was not seen in her "work" attire until Issue #22. She would later appear in "The Guardian Powers"