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The Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs or FBSA is the federal agency in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO responsible for the overall registration and coordination of costumed avengers and super-powered beings.


Following the passage of the Citizen Crime Fighting Act in 1937 and similar legislation in other cities and states, federal agencies began to worry about the rise of uncontrolled costumed avengers.

J. Edgar Hoover of the newly-reorganized Federal Bureau of Investigation feared the rise of such "renegade vigilantes" would undermine national security, while famed Prohibition fighter Eliot Ness was on record saying he welcomed the inclusion of citizen crimefighters, wishing that he had someone like Statesman on his side when his team of "Untouchables" were fighting organized crime in Chicago.

It took the start of World War II to bring about the federal will to organize the various heroes into one agency. The Masked Militia Act of 1942 was one of several laws quickly passed by Congress and signed by President Franklin Roosevelt following the sacrifice made by Atlas in defending Paragon City from German invasion. The Masked Militia Act created an overall agency to coordinate with local registration areas in cities and states that had already adopted their own CCFA laws, initially to draft those heroes into a domestic defense force, but later to serve as an overall regulatory body for those various municipalities.


City Representative

The FBSA is divided into several smaller agencies, each specifically designed on the general "origin" of a registered hero's abilities. These agencies are coordinated by one representative that serves as liaison between local and federal governments.

In Paragon City, that coordinator is Brighid Moreira in City Hall, also known as the "City Representative".

Due to the overwhelming number of registered heroes, the FBSA previously had two locations in Paragon City. One was in City Hall in Atlas Park, and the other was in the Freedom Corps headquarters in Galaxy City. However, after the destruction of Galaxy City in September of 2011, all FBSA departments were consolidated to Atlas Park.


The Department of Advanced Technology Application or D.A.T.A. works with registered heroes with technological-based origins. The Atlas Park office also holds the gateway to Recluse's Victory.

Atlas Park Director: Rick Davies

Former Galaxy City Director: Caitlin Murry-Davies


The Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence or E.L.I.T.E. works with registered heroes that are considered to have natural origins.

Atlas Park Director: Susan Davies

Former Galaxy City Director: Derek Amberson


The Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team or G.I.F.T. works with registered heroes with extra-normal or "mutant" origins.

Atlas Park Director: Antonio (don't call me "Tony") Nash

Former Galaxy City Director: Prince Kiros Nandelu


The Modern Arcane Guild of Investigation or M.A.G.I. works with registered heroes of mystical or supernatural origins.

Atlas Park Director: Azuria

Former Galaxy City Director: Gregor Richardson


The Scientific Experimentation Research and Application to Paranormal Humans or S.E.R.A.P.H. works with registered heroes whose abilities were acquired through scientific means (either on purpose or by accident).

Atlas Park Director: Jonathan St. John Smythe

Former Galaxy City Director: Rebecca Brinell

In addition to their main office in Atlas Park, S.E.R.A.P.H. also have a branch office located in Steel Canyon. It was overseen by Kent Poderes from 2011 until 2014, and then by Faith Karl from 2014 to present.


In addition to their formal divisions, the FBSA have several operatives that share responsibilities between many divisions. These operatives report directly to Ms. Moreira.


Although the FBSA and its sub-agencies are federal departments, they serve more as coordinators with local government, local law enforcement, and with the United Nations-run Vanguard organization. It is a partnership that has been questioned numerous times by certain media personalities and civil libertarian groups, but has endured for decades.