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The Midnight Squad is an in-game clandestine organization in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO that operates in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. It is believed that the Squad began in the 1920's, pre-dating even the first appearances of Statesman and both the Freedom Phalanx and the Dawn Patrol.


The Midnight Squad mostly comprises itself of natural and mystical-based individuals. They operate in secret, serving mostly as observers and collectors of information, not willing to take action in the open. However, they have taken action in the past when needed. This included taking on Rularuu in the 1960's and sending him back to the Shadow Shard.

During the 2002 Rikti Invasion, the Midnight Squad discovered that the Rikti had a weakness to magic. Looking to minimize that vulnerability, the Rikti dropped a fusion bomb over the Squad's headquarters, destroying most of the members.

In 2008, Montague Castanella, a professor in Steel Canyon University and leader of the Midnight Squad, sends a covert message to all heroes in Paragon City with a security level of 10 or higher that the Midnight Squad is back and looking to rebuild its ranks. Likewise, associates in the Rogue Isles with a security rating of 14 or higher are contacted by Ashley McKnight and other associates for special missions that would eventually give them access to the Midnight Squad.

Midnighter Club

The Midnighter Club is the secret base of operations for the Midnight Squad. Its true location is a secret, but much like the Pocket D nightclub, access is given through a series of anchor locations in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, and only then by the approval by members of the Midnight Squad.

To non-members, these buildings are vacant and abandoned. But when members of the Midnight Squad go through these doors, they cross through a portal that takes them into the Club itself.

The Club has four anchor locations, three in Paragon City and only one in the Rogue Isles, each of them positioned inside the local universities.

Special Pillar

One of the secrets of the Midnight Squad is their possession of a special Pillar of Ice and Flame that is unlike any other in its existence. This pillar links the Midnight Squad to the ancient Roman city of Cimorea. However, one cannot use this pillar unless they have a security level of 35 or higher.

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