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The Rocinante Group is a security and intelligence think-tank run by Lord Lee Geddy in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.


The Rocinante Group was first founded by Lord Geddy's father in the late 1940's during the rise of Anti-Communist hysteria in the United States. This gave the elder Lord Geddy the opportunity to transform the family's title of "Margrave of Niagra" into a worthy role by convincing the US Government to investigate its own people under their own watchful supervision.

The elder Lord Geddy drafted plans to create a network of intelligence agencies that would spy on American orgnizations, including religious groups, political factions, the military, superhero groups, and the media. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover initially signed on to this idea, but it was eventually shot down for lack of an effective mechanism to monitor the various groups.

When Lee Geddy inherited the title of Margrave and control of the organization, he was able to initiate his father's plan using a new and growing business at the time known as "Information Brokerage". Combined with dying Cold War fears and the new War on Drugs (and the subsequent War on Superadine), the US Government once again found themselves eager to embrace Lord Geddy's plan. And through the merging public and private interests, the clandestine organization known as Shadowborn was created.

Currently the organziation accounts for over eighty percent of the information brokered through various private agencies. They coordinate between public and private groups to share detailed information when needed so corporations, private investigators, and police departments will know every aspect of a person's life.

In 2006, Lord Geddy announced that the Rocinante Group would be moving their data collection facility to Paragon City. A building was secured in Perez Park mostly out of anonymity. Security for the staff as they commuted to and from Perez Park was arranged by their in-house security expert, NovaPrima.

Following the destruction of the Space Shuttle Cygnus, and the mystery surrounding his son, Major Hank Geddy, Lord Geddy announced that he would also be moving the corporate headquarters from Niagra to Paragon City.

The Rocinatne Group is a listed non-profit organization in Canada and the United States, although it is believed that their annual operating revenue is in the billions. They have a heavy political presence in Washington.

Related Information

The Rocinante Group was first referenced in the "Limelight" storyline of "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series.