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Shadowborn Agents were the mysterious foot soldiers of the clandestine group called Shadowborn in the City of Heroes MMO.

Many agents of Shadowborn were recruited from government agencies and still retained their official authority and credentials. This gave them access to weapons and intelligence information that would otherwise be illegal. It also gave them immunity from prosecution. The most common federal agency that agents were recruited from was the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the second was the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Agents disguised themselves when working with Shadowborn, often with wigs and sunglasses. They gave themselves simple codenames and had contingencies in place once a mission was successful or failed.

Most agents had very limited knowledge of Shadowborn activities. Their scope only pertained to the activities they themselves were asked to take part in. They would always be contacted by their superiors. They would never "call in" looking for work.

Agents Shadow And Blue

The most noteworthy agents of Shadowborn were actually sisters.

Agent Shadow was the older sister. She worked for Homeland Security and was recruited in 2007 to do a horrible task. She was asked to murder a cyberspace specialist named Sally Bright, and to do so with a special armament. She had no idea that the person she was doing the task for was Mender Tesseract. In exchange for this contract hit, she was told who would eventually kill her in the future. With this knowledge, she began to hunt down the identity of Captain Paragonna and arrange for her death at the hands of The Family. Unfortunately she did not realize that her actions would cross paths with the United States Marshals and their Witness Protection Program. They were the ones that had her killed.

Agent Blue followed in her sister's path in Shadowborn. Fresh from the Army and only recently hired by Homeland Security, she was a trained sniper who was given the order to have Alex Wentworth assassinated. At the time, Alex was the leading candidate for a special election to fill the vacated position of District Attorney. Agent Blue took the shot, but at the last minute Alex was distracted by Daybright. Even though her shot reached the target, it was not a kill shot, so she failed in her assignment. Afterward, she fled into the sewers and waited for her "contact" to extract her. She had no idea that her contact was BloodBlader, who had her own orders to kill Blue and leave her chopped-up body in the sewers.


After the failed assassination of Wentworth, Shadowborn was absorbed into the larger Bilderburg Alliance. The remaining agents in Shadowborn were relieved of any connection to the organization and either were offered positions in the Alliance or were quietly "retired".