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Donald Creslo is the CEO of Sovereign Insurance, one of the premiere insurance companies in Paragon City in the world of the City of Heroes MMO.

Character History

Donald Creslo was born in Old Paragon money, much like the Wentworth family. The son of a senior bank executive and a socialite, Donald had the world handed to him on a silver platter. He attended the best schools, and after getting his MBA, he went to work at one of his father's bank branches.

It was working as a manager of that branch that he came to the realization that there was an opportunity to be made on bank insurance robbery. One day, returning from a lunch meeting, he discovered that his bank was held up by one of Paragon City's many villain groups. Even though the robbers were stopped by a group of heroes, the news of the robbery caused some panic with some of his depositors. He tried to allay the fears of his customers, but it still affected his bank's bottom line, which then fell on the heads of his superiors.

Donald realized that this was not the kind of business he wanted to be in. He realized that the real money was made in insurance.

He applied himself as an insurance adjustor for Blue Light Insurance, a minor insurance company in the 1990's that specialized in home and business insurance. He made a proposal to the owners to provide supplemental coverage to banks in the event of robberies. Even though the banks were covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, the FDIC coverage was spotty at best, and had a maximum compensation limit that most businesses exceeded easily. He knew through his experience with his father's bank that bank executives would consider the supplemental insurance in light of the heightened number of bank robberies for the city a worthy investment.

The idea worked, and it made so much money for Donald that he eventually was able to buy out Blue Light and reorganize it into Sovereign Insurance.

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Related Information

Creslo first appeared in Issue #5 of "The Guardian Powers".