Andrew Wentworth

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Andrew Wentworth
CEO, Wentworth's Fine Consignments
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH
Game: City of Heroes MMO
Personal Data
Real Name: Andrew Wentworth
Known Aliases: none
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: formerly brown, now silver-and-white
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: married
Known Relatives: unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed wife, Alex Wentworth (nephew)
Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH, The Guardian Powers, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
shrewd sense of business
Known Abilities
money and business connections

Andrew Wentworth is the CEO of Wentworth's Fine Consignment in the City of Heroes MMO and the patriarch of the Wentworth family dynasty.

He is also the uncle of Alex Wentworth, who currently serves as District Attorney for Paragon City.

Character History

Andrew continues the tradition of the Wentworth family that goes back to the founding of the Rhode Island colony in the 1630's, providing a marketplace for people. As with his predecessors, Andrew's secret to his family's continued success has been to focus on business and not specifically about money. He believes that as long as the former continues to operate, the latter will naturally flow. While the family business suffered lean times along with other businesses, they did not scavenge quality or customer service to compensate. As a result, their business continued to prosper.

Another secret has been frugality. Although the Wentworth Family is listed as the top 100 richest dynasties in the world, they do not easily take that wealth to excess. Unlike certain members of the Sinclair family, the Wentworths made it a point to not flaunt their wealth. They put a greater emphasis on business instead of profit, and, with the noted exception of his nephew in his earlier years, most kept a low profile.

Andrew served in the Marines during the Vietnam War, but rather than serve in Asia, he found himself assigned to the US Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He considered this assignment to be fortuitous as it allowed him to work with the Cuban nationals and build a friendly rapport with the the local businesses. His Marine nickname was "Top Hat", based on the Monopoly game piece.

After serving his tour, he went to college and got a degree in economics. He then began working for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for five years. Afterward, he joined the family business, where he rose from a junior executive to his current position as CEO.

Bilderburg Alliance

Andrew has been an active member of the Bilderburg Alliance for at least ten years (and possibly longer). It was believed that he earned a position of trust and respect within the Alliance, which also allowed him to make several deals with European shipping companies that would bring business to Paragon City ports.

He was also the one that used his connection with the Alliance to assimilate the Shadowborn organization and also to force the Guardians of the Dawn to disband. He was seen then as being one of the more powerful members of the Alliance.

It was not known to many people, but Andrew was one of the "Voices" within the Alliance. This was a secretive position within an already secretive association that helped mold and shape Alliance activities. As the "Voice of Paragon City", he was the one that had Lord Geddy resurrect Shadowborn to serve as his proxy. This was done with the understanding that should Geddy succeed in his efforts, he will become a member of the Alliance.

Family Relations

As patriarch of the Wentworth Family, Andrew is often seen as the final deciding voice on all family affairs. He rarely exercised that authority over his extended family, though, which made his decisions even more final.

In the matter of Alex Wentworth, Andrew was the one that made the arrangements to have his nephew released from his prolonged incarceration after being wrongly accused of a crime. It was Andrew's resources that located the one witness that could vindicate Alex, and then arranged to have her released, and then arranged for the special hearing for her to testify.

Andrew's participation, though, came with a price for his nephew. Alex had to sign away any claim to the Wentworth fortune and even agree to stay away from Wentworth's Consignment stores, which just started to appear in Paragon City.

While expressing pride over his nephew's public transformation from a "celebutatnt" to his involvement in the Paragon Libertarian Society as well as his role in Architect Entertainment, Andrew would later suspect that Alex also developed a career as a superhero. To that end, he hired Simon Barrister to get proof that Alex was in fact the "Libertarian Avenger".

Once Barrister had the proof Andrew was looking for, he used the attempt on Alex's life to confront his nephew on it. Again, he offered Alex a "one-time only" offer, which was for is "associates" to assimilate the Shadowborn organization and suspend all activity with them. In exchange, Alex would give up being a superhero, and also for his hero group to disband. Alex hesitantly agreed.

Since then, Andrew has had an abrasive relationship with his nephew, often looking for "clarification" on the role of their "associates" in certain activities.

Second Understanding

When it was known that Andrew engineered the assimilation of Shadowborn and the disbanding of the Guardians, there were several members of the Alliance that considered Andrew to be a threat to their own positions in the organization. Their greatest fear was that Andrew would use the intelligence resources of Shadowborn to assume control of the Alliance itself. Even though Andrew never expressed such a desire, the mere thought that he could do this was enough to make several Alliance members nervous.

To that end, the Alliance asked that Malcolm Rochspare take his abrasive form of legal representation to Paragon City and assume "control" of the Rocinante Group, the intelligence-gathering think-tank at the heart of the former Shadowborn network.

Andrew knew from experience that the Rochspare family has a long history of coveting power for its own sake, but he believed that the respect that he amassed within the Alliance would keep Rochspare's ambitions in check. This presumption, it turned out, proved to be a mistake when Andrew received word that Simon Barrister was found dead in his prison cell.

With Barrister's death still on his mind, Andrew forged a new "understanding" with his nephew to serve as the financial backer behind a "resurrected" Guardians of the Dawn supergroup. He also severed all ties with the Alliance, forging his own "understanding" with the other "Voices" that the Alliance will make no moves against him or his family members. (Actions against the Guardians, however, were still fair game.)

Powers and Abilities

As a normal human being, Andrew does not have any special powers.

He does have his Marine training, but it is uncertain just how proficient he is with firearms or if it is recent.


He is a shrewd businessman, often considered quite Machiavellian at times. Andrew will do what it takes to protect himself and his family, although protecting the power structure in Paragon City is almost as important as he considers this to be his family's true calling.

Related Information

Andrew was mentioned by MidKnight X in Issue #28 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series and first seen in Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH.

According to creator David 2, Andrew Wentworth was based in appearance and mannerisms to the NBC soap opera character Victor Kiriakis.