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The Portal Corporation is a private business in the City of Heroes MMO that specialized in dimensional research and technology.

The company was founded by Dr. Brian Webb, a research and support scientist for the Freedom Phalanx. He developed the means for localized teleportation, which gave him the money to create the company to further study dimensional teleportation through the use of the illegal drug Superadine.

In 1988, Webb was able to successfully create a portal to an alternate universe. The next day, he called a press conference and took a team of reporters with him back to that alternate world.

From that point on, Portal Corporation would become the premiere authority for dimensional research and identifying and indexing other universes.

Sadly, one of the earlier discoveries would be to the universe designated Delta Zeta 24-10, a universe in which Marcus Cole would become Reichsman and rule along with the Axis Powers. Webb and his explorers were tortured to death by Reichsman to reveal the secret of the portals. Reichsman would then use that knowledge to cross over into the Primal Universe and engage the Freedom Phalanx and new hero NovaPrima.

Portal Corporation would later rebuild itself, although now under strict military supervision and control. That military authority would later be transferred to the United Nations Vanguard division following the First Rikti Invasion of 2002.

Portal Corporation is the company responsible for reverse-engineering the Rikti teleportation system used to transport troops and teleport injured members away for treatment. This would later be used to create...

  • the medical teleportation system employed by Paragon City (and replicated in the Rogue Isles)
  • the Wentworth teleportation system used to teleport Wentworth associates to the various branches (and again replicated by the Black Market in the Rogue Isles)
  • the security portals used by Vanguard Headquarters to connect to its various branch offices and isolate it from Rikti invasions in the middle of the Rikti War Zone.
  • access to the Shadow Shard dimension for DJ Zero to build the Pocket D nightclub
  • access to the alternate future known as Recluse's Victory

Portal Corporation also created and developed Tesseract Technology, which allowed for the creation of supergroup bases and the dimensional portals used to teleport people to and from those bases.

Some of the technology from Portal Corporation would later be used to help develop the virtual reality devices employed by Architect Entertainment.

Doc Tor, a member of the Guardians of the Dawn, has been retained by the Portal Corporation as a consultant for his input on various dimensions and has been very helpful in providing information for those dimensions that are outside of their immediate scope.

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