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Architect Entertainment is an entertainment company in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

The Architect Entertainment Building in Atlas Park

Architect Entertainment, or "AE" for short, is a joint venture by Dr. Thaddeus Aeon, Crey Industries, and a handful of minor investors including Alex Wentworth. The company provides the most advanced virtual reality experience possible.

Using portal technology, individuals are completely immersed in a digital simulation where they can carry out adventures without fear of being killed.

Company History

Architect Entertainment was a dream of Dr. Aeon starting in 2007. His initial idea was to provide a simulation for people to train for the next Rikti invasion, fearing that the next invasion was coming. While still in the design phase, the Second Invasion happened that year. After the threat of global annihilation was thwarted, Dr. Aeon received as much funding as he needed from many sources, both minor and major.

A quick investment from Alex Wentworth, recently severed from the Wentworth family fortune, became the wedge for him to be named operations manager of the new AE company, since all he had at that point was a few thousand and his name. It was an investment that would pay off richly for him and for the other investors. Wentworth was also the logical choice for the company, since Aeon's connections with Arachnos and Countess Crey's suspect dealings made them both unsuitable managers for a business that would extend to both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.

In 2009, Architect Entertainment buildings went up as fast as possible. These looming structures drew their share of complaints, most notably from those plagued by the increased traffic to the area, but also from those who complained about the aesthetics. There was even an AE building in the Rikti War Zone, although there were some serious questions about why they put one there.

But soon the rush of traffic began to die down, and the complaints stopped when people accepted that AE was there to stay.

In 2012, after a surprise landslide special election, the new District Attorney Alex Wentworth had to divest himself of any day-to-day dealings with AE to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. His shares in AE stock are in special trust fund managed by the new operations manager, Drake Grey.

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The Mission Architect engine of AE was considered a revolutionary feature in the City of Heroes MMO, giving players the opportunity to create adventures and custom characters, including playable allies and enemies that others could play and get rewards in.