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Wentworth's Fine Consignment is the premiere auction house in Paragon City in the world of the City of Heroes MMO.


It is currently under the direction of CEO Andrew Wentworth.


Wentworth's has been in existence for almost four hundred years. The company started as a trading house run by Josiah Wentworth, a friend and follower of Roger Williams, the founder of the Rhode Island Plantation and of the State of Rhode Island.

Josiah Wentworth raised eyebrows when he opened his trading house to not only colonists, but also to the Native Americans and the Canadian traders that worked with the various tribes. But such a decision was not only neccessary, it was largely responsible for the house's success.

Josiah eventually moved his business to Paragon Colony, which eventually became known as Paragon City. As a seaside port, Paragon City was the perfect place for incoming colonists, as well as eventually those exiled from the Puritan stranglehold in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Trade helped develop the new city into the thriving community center it became.

Josiah eventually passed the trade on to his children, and their children likewise inherited the business, making it one of the longest-lasting dynasty business in North America, rivaling even the financial houses in England.

During the Great Depression, when banks were collapsing, Wentworth's became a temporary lending institution, keeping struggling local businesses afloat by offering physical trades for pre-Depression cash value. Again, it was deemed a risky decision, but one that eventually worked. The economy for the city stabilized faster than other areas, and public trust in Wentworth's reached an all-time high.

Today Wentworth's continues to operate by taking chances, including a recent association with the Black Market system in the Rogue Isles.

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