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The Rogue Isles are a chain of sovereign islands located to the east of United States and north of the Bahamas in the City of Heroes MMO.

Originally a haven for pirates, the Isles became known as a nearby sanctuary for American criminals after the formation of the Freedom Phalanx in the 1930's.

The Isles have been under the control of the criminal Arachnos organization, and specifically under the rule of Lord Recluse, since the 1960's, when they deposed the previous ruler, President-For-Life Gerald Marchand.

Although operating largely as a kleptocracy, it is clear that there is a rigid infrastructure underneath it that is older than its Arachnos control. It is this infrastructure that maintains the status quo that allows corruption or abusive leadership to continue unchallenged.


There are multiple kinds of citizens operating in the Isles.


The native-born citizens of the Isles refer to themselves as "Rogues" (not to be confused with the alignment status between heroes and villains). They have no real love for Arachnos any more than they did for the other tyrants and would-be conquerors that came before Recluse. Many of the native-born citizens are descended from the original pirate families, so they had no sense of loyalty other than to themselves and their neighbors. They endure any hardship simply because they feel it is expected of them.


Members of Arachnos come from all parts of the world, and even some from other dimensions. As such, they have no real love of the Isles or of the "Rogues". They are in this for Arachnos and for Lord Recluse and for themselves. Arachnos citizens try not to socialize with the "Rogues" since they cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, they cannot trust Arachnos either.


Because the Isles are a sanctuary for the criminal element around the world, there is a significant portion of the community that are either living in exile or have expatriated themselves. These "Ex-Pats" try to blend in as much as they can with both the "Rogues" and with members of Arachnos, which often means they stand out since they are the only ones that are willing to trust others outside of their little "group".


Each of the Isles are ruled by local governors, who, in turn, answer to Recluse. These governors could be Arachnos officers, or they could be influential citizens such as Kirk Cage, who actually bought control of Sharkhead Isle. All that is important is that they allow the status quo to continue and to not get in the way of Arachnos.


There are two forms of currency recognized on the Isles.

Rogue Dollars: Rogue Dollars replaced the gold doubloon coins, and is one of the few elements remaining from Marchand's reign. Today those dollars bear the Arachnos symbol and are blood-red. Most native "rogues" use this currency, even though there have been efforts by Arachnos to replace the Rogue Dollars with Infamy Credits.

Infamy Credit: Patterned after Paragon City's "Influence" credit, "Infamy" credits (or simply "Inf") are the official pay for Arachnos operatives and all associates. Certain businesses, including the Black Market, only accept Infamy credits.


There are two ways to get around the Isles without using portals.

Rogue Isles Ferry: The traditional way to get from one island to the next.

Black Helicopter Line: This is actually a misnomer, since it's not a "helicopter", but rather it's an Arachnos Gunship.

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