Rikti War Zone

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The Rikti War Zone is an area in the City of Heroes MMO that used to be known as White Plains.

Once upon a time, White Plains was a suburb district of Paragon City. It was quiet and peaceful. There were stores, homes, businesses, and pretty much happy people.

Then the Rikti invaded from another universe. And while the invasion was global, the invaders seemed determined to devastate Paragon City over any other location.

Early in the battle, the heroes rallied around Statesman, the greatest and most powerful of the heroes. And in the first attempt to fight off the invaders, Statesman managed to take down one of the motherships. Badly damaged, the mothership crashed in the middle of White Plains, destroying most of the area in the process.

The invaders managed to regroup and eventually build huge war walls around the city to segment and better control the populace. White Plains was the first place the walls were erected, though, to prevent the humans from learning more about the Rikti and their technology.

After the First Rikti Invasion ended, the United Nations organization Vanguard set up a huge fortification in the area, because while the Rikti ship was crashed, it was still active, and the Rikti were still busy in their efforts to retake the planet. It has since been designated a Hazard Zone.

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