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Exterior view of the Pocket D Nightclub including the infamous "floating truck".

The Pocket D Nightclub is an extradimensional place where both heroes and villains mingle safely. It has been considered the "Casablanca For Capes".

The nightclub is run by DJ Zero, a mutant who can manipulate the fabric of dimensions, and who reportedly single-handledly created the club out of the Shadow Shard universe. He also uses his abilities to keep the club neutral. To that end, the club is bisected between Blue and Red sides. Both Longbow and Arachnos agents serve as bouncers to ensure that people enter and leave throught their respective portals.

The club is anchored to the Paraverse by a series of portals in both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Special permissions had to be made between City Hall and Arachnos to allow these anchors. One of those requirements is that there be no violence inside the club. A relatively recent requirement was that a 21-year old drinking age was imposed. This came at the behest of the Rhode Island legislature.

Originally there was no teleportation allowed inside the nightclub. That was because dimensional teleportation could interfere with DJ Zero's abilities, which would have been very dangerous for everyone in the area. To that end, teleport negators were installed everywhere in the club. However, recent advances from Portal Corporation made it possible to keep the stability of the area and still allow some teleportation.

Access Points

Heroes can access Pocket D through the following ways:

  • Kings Row - A parked truck directly east of the Yellow Line Transit Station
  • Faultline - A sewer cover to the south-west of the Base Portal on the northern War Wall.
  • Talos Island - An abandoned store in the New Thebes district (look for the Pocket D fliers)
  • Founders Falls - Just to the south of the Founders Falls University and directly west of the M. Harvey Medical Center

Villains can access Pocket D at the following locations:

  • Port Oaks - Just up the stairs from the Mercy Island ferry, directly behind the Black Market truck.
  • St. Martial - North of the Rogue Isles Ferry on the western side of the island, just north of the abandoned lab.

These access ports can also serve as an alternative to the ferry or transit stations. All access points lead to lobby areas which are just outside of the main club facility.

There is also a Base Portal located near the northern windows right at the mid-point between red-and-blue zones, as well as a teleport anchor, so supergroup bases can have their own teleport link.

In addition, those with a special VIP card can teleport into Pocket D from anywhere into the Tiki Lounge, but they must still leave the club through the above-mentioned meathods.

A new access portal was recently discovered in one of the corners of the main dance hall that links to Studio 55 in the Praetorian Universe.

Blue versus Red

From its creation, DJ Zero wanted the club to be a balance between Heroes and Villains, between Blue and Red. To that end, each half of the club where their respective access zones has generally the same features, including a special Vault branch, bartenders, medical teleports for special events, and lobby areas staffed by Pocket D hostesses. But eventually each side incorporated other features that set themselves apart from the other.


The Blue-Side of the club is considered the most scenic of the two halves, with windows facing the northern side of the club. This is extremely breathtaking when the Ski Chalet is visible.

An alternate-universe version of War Witch is positioned at the balcony rail on the second floor. She can aid both heroes and villains with their security levels.

The Monkey Fight Club is also located here.


The Red-Side of the club is darker, seedier, and some would say it even smells worse than the Blue-Side.

This is also where the Tiki Lounge and the Ski Chalet doorways can be found.

Ski Chalet

Ski Chalet

The Ski Chalet is a special area outside of the Pocket D nightclub which is visible only during special occasions such at the Winter Event.

The Chalet is supported through a dimensional bubble. Since it is outside of the Pocket D area, it is not affected by the club's ban on teleportation. It is also the only time one can reach the floating truck that is seen just outside the club's windows.

The Chalet is run by Chronos aka "Father Time", the god of time himself. It is an impressive facility with plenty of room for socialization as well as easy access to the ski slopes.

Being situation on a mountain-style chunk of floating rock, the Chalet is the ideal place for skiing, with several tracks ready for practice, fun, or competition. Father Time also coordinates a special mission during this time in which heroes and villains can take part in.

Desperate for attention, Father Time has also offered to host other special functions, but has often been rebuffed by City Hall and Arachnos.

Baby New Year and the Candy Keeper also can be found here.

Spring Fling

During the Spring Fling, DJ Zero takes a more active role for heroes and villains, working with his friends Ganymede and Scratch as well as special bartenders Chilly and Dram to provide cooperative missions in exchange for special items.

Monkey Fight Club

The Monkey Fight Club is an Arena-style casino and club where patrons can bet on battling Rikti Monkeys. As part of the Arena system, the Monkey Fight club can also give heroes and villains special PvP items.

This is also where you can find the exploration badge that gives your supergroup the Base Teleport Anchor.

Tiki Lounge

The Tiki Lounge is a special part of the Pocket D nightclub that can only be accessed by those who have a VIP Gold Club Card. This doubles as a teleport device, allowing you to teleport into the Lounge directly instead of having to find the access points or using a base teleporter.

Inside the lounge are a couple of special bartenders that will sell inspirations, as well as Trina the Body Sculptress. She is an Icon-affiliated tailor who will aid both heroes and villains with their looks for a price.

The Trucks

Construction of the nightclub was not easy. Although DJ Zero could manipulate dimensions, there were some things that could not be created out of the ether. These items, such as supplies, complex electronics, and the vaults, all had to come in via trucks. Creating portals large enough to bring in these vehicles was not easy, and mistakes were made at first. An example of that mistake currently floats outside of the club. Because of that, the remaining drivers refused to bring the rest of the trucks through the portals, and thus the vehicles were abanodned inside the club.

One can access the floating truck only during those times when the Ski Chalet is visible, and only if they have the ability to fly or is aided by super-leaping capacity.

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