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A Supergroup Tesseract Portal has two applications in the City of Heroes universe. Both pertain to Supergroup bases.

  • Base Transport - a method by which space is "folded" between two points, thus allowing transit from one point to another.
  • Base Creation - a method by which interdimensional space is created that can be used for a supergroup base.

Base Transport

A Supergroup Tesseract Portal is considered the first and primary way that one can access a supergroup base.

When a base is created, it is linked to the Tesseract Portal system. There are several base portal links all through Paragon City and the Rogue Isles except for certain areas designated hazardous. A portal also exists at Vanguard Headquarters and the Pocket D nightclub.

Once linked, access to your base is (normally) limited to the members of your group and to members of your coalition. Even after other methods of access are created (i.e. medical teleporter or teleport system), the tesseract connection must still remain in order for the teleport systems to work.

Note: While both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles use tesseract portals, they each operate a separate system so as either side can access the others' bases. This allows a joint portal to exist at both Vanguard Headquarters and Pocket D.

(See also Major Catastrophe's video explanation of Tesseract Portals and base creation.)