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The Utopian Universe is the home universe of the time manipulator known as Doc Tor, as well as a race of beings known as "Utopians" that are capable of traveling through time, space, and realities.

It is unique in that it is one of a few known universes that does not have a planet known as Earth.


The genesis of the "Utopian Universe" is one of early power abused with devastating consequences.

In this universe, one of the earliest sentient life forms was on the planet Utos. Here, the Utopians developed along similar lines to human beings. Because they were the earliest of sentient life, they developed and evolved earlier than others and thus mastered the secrets of time and space while most other sentient forms were not yet created.

In those early formative years, the Utopians saw themselves as benevolent guardians of the universe, using their advanced knowledge and technology to help developing worlds evolve to their fullest possible potentials so that those species could also be as "generous" as the Utopians.

Unfortunately their "dream" became a nightmare. Their actions caused the destruction of several "proto-worlds" that could potentially provide sentient life (including Earth). In addition, by looking into the future, they discovered that every attempt to "help" those other worlds and other intelligent species resulted in those species eventually waging war on the Utopians. The more they tried to help, the greater the future probability became of them being seen as tyrants. Worse yet, they foresaw the creation of Omega-level tyrants that would destroy everything the Utopians sought to perfect.

With this realization in mind, the Utopians abandoned their various "guardian" projects and adopted a strict "non-interference" code that reduced the threat of a future Omega-level tyrant to almost zero. They also used their advanced technology to "isolate" Utos from the rest of the universe, cloaking it with space debris and dark matter to make it appear that the planet was really a gravity well. To all other beings in that universe, Utos was somehow destroyed and no longer exists.

When they discovered the existence of other realities, the Utopians applied the same policy, requiring their new multiverse operatives to only observe and not participate or identify themselves as being from another reality.

Sadly, though, such a policy did not adhere well to the multiverse explorers that began cataloging those realities, since even an observer still has an effect on the course of action by their mere presence. And even though the Utopians managed to minimize the Omega-level threats to their own reality, the same could not be said of Omega-level threats in other realities.

The Time Manipulator and Alor

One specific threat that the Utopians had to address was the multiverse threat known as Alor. Although they were not responsible for events that led to the transformation of Alexander of the First Order into the multiverse destroyer, the Utopians felt obligated to take action following the failed attempts to neutralize him by one of their own.

The Utopian known as Galen Tor was made aware of the sudden destruction of several universes that he had recently cataloged. He traced the pattern of destruction to their origin and came across a powerful being calling himself Alor. Operating under the alias of "Quinn", he gained Alor's confidence until he could determine Alor's true intentions. When it was revealed that Alor was consciously destroying other universes so he could supposedly restore the "Original Gods", Tor realized that he had to take action.

Unfortunately, the various attempts at changing Alor's history fell apart, and, before he could resort to more drastic measures, the Elders recalled him back to Utos, where he was tried and found guilty of Temporal Hubris and exiled to another universe. The Elders then took action by recruiting powerful heroes from various universes to deal with Alor, although all but one of their chosen warriors managed to survive the encounter.

Their failure to take action when needed would lead to their eventual downfall.


According to Agent Sidestep, the Utopians failed in their role as self-appointed "protectors" of the multiverse because of their refusal to take an active role in fulfilling their duties. Their obsessive fixation on non-interference allowed threats such as Alor to rise to power, as well as allow other groups such as the Menders of Ouroboros and the Council of Light to take more active roles.

It is unknown if the Utopians still exist, or if they have simply turned their non-interference into full isolationism.

Both Quinn Tor and Gill Gamma claim that the Utopians are no more. Gill Gamma goes so far as to claim that he is the "last" Utopian, however his claim is questionable at best.

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Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

The Utopians were referenced as part of Doc Tor's history in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #10, and their background was explained further in "The Guardian Powers" #15.