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"Project Mycroft" is the name of a special U.N.T.I.L. project in the world of Champions Online MMO. It is run by Major Xaver Cross.

The project is named after Mycroft Holmes, the older brother of legendary fictional detective Sherlock Holmes; known for having a hyper-acute sense of observation and deduction.

The primary purpose of Project Mycroft is observation and collecting intelligence on selected groups and individuals. The reasons for selecting these subjects are not available at this time.

It is suspected that Project Mycroft is a precursor to another project that would utilize the intelligence collected.

Active Operatives

Observed Subjects

Note: Those under observation can either be considered heroes, villains, or neutral. They can even be members of Project Mycroft.

Observed Individuals

Observed Groups

Related Information

Project Mycroft was first mentioned in "Future's Guardian" #2.