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The Nationalist
For all that is good and decent!
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #6
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Josef Reichstag
Known Aliases: Joseph Richards
Species: human (mutant)
Age: unknown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: unknown
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: AMERICAN (naturalized)
Occupation: Crusading Vigilante and champion of all that is right and good in America.
Place of Birth: Germany
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: Shelly Stickbutt (adopted aunt)
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
flight, pyro-kinetics
Known Abilities
fire-casting, fire-defense
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a villain in the world of Champions Online.

The Nationalist is a "crusading vigilante" in the world of Champions Online MMO.

Character History

Early Years

According to Project Mycroft, Josef Reichstag was born in Germany to two neo-Nazis. Since being a Nazi was illegal in Germany, his parents were forced to flee to the United States, where they sought political refuge in Wisconsin, home to many ultra-conservative militia groups. His parents changed their family name to "Richards", and "Joe" grew up being home-schooled with other ultra-conservative families.

When he was a young boy, Josef's parents were involved in a major plot to overthrow the United States involving several militia organizations. These groups were shut down by the All-American and PRIMUS. Josef was placed in foster care and eventually raised by a sympathetic conservative family, whose aunt would later become an influential member of the government.

The Nationalist Appears

The first anyone ever heard of The Nationalist was on WCOT's late-night talk radio show "Monitor Duty". Often described as a "right-wing militia nut-case", The Nationalist continually complained about the "liberal infestation" in America and promised of a "reconing" before being hung-up by the show's host.

He is suspected of being involved in the sudden explosion of the WCOT studio which killed the late-night personality known as the "Caped Offender".

He is also suspected of being involved in the destruction of the offices of the Millennium City Civil Liberties Union, which also mysteriously caught on fire before a nearby mega-crane crashed into it.

Soon after, he was signed by the Gold Standard Agency, which gave him tremendous populist coverage for his activities. He was promoted as being a super-powered Ronald Reagan, bringing change by burning away the "corrupt".

He sought out and soon confronted Elite Ice, condemning her for her mystical origins, and claiming that "God" gave him his powers to bring about a "great reckoning". After putting her in the hospital, he was confronted by Elite's teammate, Galatea Future, in the middle of a live TV broadcast. Galatea put the Nationalist "on notice" about attacking any more of her friends.

The next day, the Nationalist tried to attack Candace Sinclair, Galatea's best friend, only to be turned away by "unknown forces".

Attempted Coup

Following the destruction of an advocacy group in the Downtown district, the Nationalist was again confronted by Elite Ice, but this time he was chased away by the presence of Elite's best friend, Keira Fyre. Soon after, the Nationalist was seen confronting Mayor Biselle in front of the news conference. The Nationalist accused Bisselle of allowing the "evil" to go on through the mayor's "Open Door" policy on heroes. He gave Biselle and the rest of City Hall twenty-four hours to resign or else he will "burn" them.

The next day, the Nationalist showed up to an empty City Hall. Believing he had won by default, he began to gloat before he was called out by Major Cross and the rest of the Project Mycroft team. He was quickly dispatched and sent through the roof, where he was confronted by yet another person who knocked him out. He was taken into custody soon after.

Not long afterward, the Nationalist was in the prison infirmary. Video footage showed that whatever happened to the Nationalist, he could not say "God Bless America" without setting his own tongue on fire. Major Cross said that he suffered from second and third degree burns inside his mouth and throat and doctors were considering putting him in a "hot sleep" stasis tube for his own protection.

Powers and Abilities

The Nationalist is a born pyro-kinetic, able to cast fire for both protection and offense. He is also able to fly using this power.


According to his numerous call-ins to the radio station, the Nationalist is driven to spread his extreme conservative philosophies. To him and those like him, "America" is under continual attack by so-called "liberals", "Satanists", and other "undesirables". His mindset is reinforced by other ultra-conservative groups, especially those in the militia organizations.

In his view, mutants are given their gifts by God, which justifies the use of his abilities. On the other hand, he condemns magic and all those who use mystical forces as being instruments of Satan.

The Nationalist is crude and direct and he is unapologetic. He favors actions over words. He is misogynistic in his manners, referring to women as "harlots" and "whores" and "prostitutes", especially those whom he considers to be "the enemy". He is completely antisocial. He doesn't have friends or want friends. All he wants is to start up the "reckoning" that he promises is coming.

Related Information

The Nationalist first appeared in "Future's Guardian" #6.

According to series creator David 2, "The Nationalist" is the amalgamation of several characters, including Marvel's "Grand Director", plus several real-world "Tea Party" and religious extremist personalities.

A similar character calling himself the Ultra-Nationalist has appeared in the City of Heroes MMO and has unnerved that world's Galatea Powers, who somehow knows the connection between the two extremists.