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Be kind to your "Mother"... or else!
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Future's Guardian #9 (as part of "Psyche"), Future's Guardian #10 (acutal)
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Candace Sinclair
Known Aliases: "Psyche"
Species: Mutant
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: would-be tyrant
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Telepathy, Mind-Drain, Mind Control, Telekinesis
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a villain in the world of Champions Online.


Malizia is a villain in the world of Champions Online MMO seen in the "Future's Guardian" comic series.

Character History

Fictional History

In the fictional book series "Sentinels of Love" by Athena Rose Fairmore, Malizia is the evil-universe counterpart of the superheroine Psyche. A narcissitic telepath of seemingly limitless power, Malizia used her abilities to take over the minds of every human being in a city, with the goal of eventually being powerful enough to take over all the minds on the planet.

She was challenged by the superhero team known as the Sentinels, including her alternate-universe counterpart. Although her powers were formidable, they were not absolute, and the Sentinels were eventually able to "disconnect" Malizia from those she enslaved. But even without her "children", the self-professed "Mother" was still strong enough to continue the fight. In order to save the man she loved, Psyche was forced to use her own powers to rip Malizia's mind from her body, essentially killing Malizia.

But Malizia continued to exist, imprisoned inside Psyche's mind as a "dark reflection". Every so often, that "reflection" would surface as an impulse or a desire. Psyche learned that keeping herself focused on someone she loved, namely her teammate Archer, kept "Malizia" from taking over. But eventually she would be driven insane and near the point of death trying to keep control.

Champions History

Malizia first appeared as a "dark reflection" of Psyche when she made her physical appearance in the Champions Universe. Malizia would urge Psyche to take a more darker path in learning more about the world they ended up in. Eventually she would "assert" control of Psyche's body for brief periods.

When it was revealed that "Psyche" was in fact the split personality of Candace Sinclair as a way to deny her newfound telepathic powers, "Malizia" took over, forcing Candace to first change into "Psyche" and then into her own form.

After causing miscellaneous damage in Millennium City as "herself", Malizia focused her efforts on someone that she sensed caused much frustration for Candace: Markman Gold. The unscrupulous agent believed that he was meeting Psyche, and he was "encouraged" to take over the local TV studio so he can announce it to the world.

Malizia believed that she would use her telepathic powers to take over everyone watching the live broadcast. She had no idea that her powers were truly limited in range and scope. When confronted by Galatea Future and Starlett, Malizia was defeated when Galatea reached out to Candace's mind and had Candace take back control of her own body.

Afterward, Candace was placed in a "hot sleep" chamber until she could be purged of her telepathic powers, which were only temporary. Malizia and Psyche were removed from Candace's mind as part of the "hot sleep" treatment, effectively "killing" them.

Powers and Abilities

In the fictional series, Malizia's powers were identical to those of Psyche's. Both were high-level telepaths.

However, as a flesh-and-blood person, Malizia's telepathic powers were limited. She could control minds, including creating telepathic illusion, but those only existed for a limited period of time. Those subjected to her telepathic manipulations would eventually recover when they were some distance away from her. She also possessed some measure of telekinesis, which was demonstrated when she fully transformed into Malizia and destroyed Galatea's civilian guise in the process.


In the fictional story, Malizia was petty and narcissistic. As a dark reflection of Psyche, she was everything Psyche wasn't.

In reality, Malizia was a dark reflection of Candace Sinclair's personality. She was vindictive because of all of the injustices Candace endured every day, no matter how small they were. She was a bully because Candace was meek and mild outside of the courtroom. She wanted a huge stage because Candace always worked without fanfare.

Related Information

Malizia is a key character in the "Psilence of Conscience" storyline.

The character was initially supposed to represent Mother Mayhem, the evil-universe version of Sister Psyche in the world of the City of Heroes MMO, but the author decided to make a twist in the story and come up with a completely different version of the character.