Keira Fyre

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Keira Fyre
The Wind Assassin
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX and Theresa Setting
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #7
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Keira Fyre
Known Aliases: unknown
Species: Human (mystical)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: Green - cat-eyed
Hair Color: Black with Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unnamed parents, unnamed uncle
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
Wind Elemental Marksman
Known Abilities
archery, wind influence, tornado flight
bow, arrow, throwing objects
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a hero in the world of Champions Online.

"I'm not someone you want to want as an enemy. If you're in my sights, you're going down. I only miss when I choose to."

Keira Fyre is a character in the world of Champions Online MMO.

Keira is a classmate of Cynthia Regina Del Gelo (aka Elite Ice) from Ravenswood Academy and one of the few close friends she has.

Like Cynthia Regina, Keira was a “late bloomer” student, not realizing how her abilities would manifest. But rather than stick her nose in mystic literature, Keira prided herself on physical abilities, eventually discovering that her mystical powers would manifest as a wind-based elemental, making her a crack-shot with bows and arrows.

The two became known as the “Powerhouse Duo”, with Cynthia Regina helping Keira with studies and Keira helping Cynthia Regina with the mystic bullies.

Keira is the opposite of Cynthia Regina in several ways, including the provocative way she dresses.

Character History

All her life, Keira Fyre has known adversity. Her family, once respected, lost most of its fortune in the Savings and Loan Disaster of the 1980’s, with several family patriarchs going to prison for their involvement. With most of her family members having to take up jobs just to make ends meet, she was subjected to frequent bullying by other kids about her family troubles. Although she couldn’t stop the teasing, she did make sure they regretted doing it. Unfortunately this also resulted in her being labeled as a “trouble child”.

Thankfully the Fyre family legacy allowed her parents to enroll her at Ravenswood Academy, where it was believed she would excel in magic after showing some inherent skill.

Unfortunately for Keira, she was deemed a “late bloomer”, unable to exhibit any kind of mystical power. This led to even more teasing, this time from mystical students that had the power to back up their taunts and make life miserable for her. Again, she fought back and was declared the “trouble child”.

It was at this point that she was “blessed” in three ways.

The first was some friendly advice from her uncle, who was released from prison, and who told her not only about the “Ravenswood Secrets” for each of the bullies, but also how to get special “hex pins” that would temporarily negate their spells.

The second was the discovery of the one skill that she showed incredible aptitude in: physical abilities. She found she was very proficient in archery. This, combined with her use of the “hex pins”, allowed her to defuse any mystical bullying trick before they could start.

The third was the introduction to a transfer student from England by the name of Cynthia Regina Del Gelo. Like Keira, Cynthia Regina was considered a “late bloomer” in magic. But unlike her, Cynthia Regina poured her frustrations into books, which made her incredibly smart. Cynthia Regina immediately took to Keira because of her old family name, and also because they had common challenges.

These three events – and three is a very powerful number in the world of magic – helped turn Keira’s life around. Cynthia Regina would help Keira with her studies, and Keira would help fend off the bullies.

Eventually both young girls would have their mystical powers manifest in different ways. While Cynthia Regina became an ice-elemental, Keira’s wind-element powers manifested internally, giving her the means to control her aim and also to fly.

When they graduated from Ravenswood Academy, they did so with honors and the respect of many of the faculty and administrators as shining examples of how one could overcome adversity.

After graduation, however, the two had different tasks. While Cynthia Regina continued to work on her studies at the Mystical Store, Keira took on odd jobs for different groups. Through one of those jobs, she discovered that one of her uncles had secretly squirreled away the family’s sanctum under a shell company and let the rest of the family think it was seized by the government. She held on to that information, knowing that if it became public that it would be taken away from her.

Years later, the "Powerhouse Duo" would reunite to take on the threat of The Nationalist.

In "Future's Guardian" #12, it is revealed that Keira's benefactor is Alexander Van Cleef, and he has ordered her to stay in Millennium City to help take down Galatea Future.

Powers And Abilities

Keira Fyre’s powers come from the wind-element, one of the primal forces of the planet. While not powerful enough to affect the weather, she has been able to employ it in the field of archery to improve her aim and the strength of her arrows.

One of her signature skills is the use of the "Wind Arrow", which allows her to turn any sharp object into an arrow that she can then fire at someone with great force. But she also has other kinds of arrows at her disposal.

Thanks to some enhancement she made after graduation, she has cat-like eyes to see at night.

The enchanted chains on her legs are more than just decoration. These give her the power of flight. At first it was simple flight, but thanks to some mystical enhancements with the help of best friend, she is able to summon a whirlwind to pick her up and travel. Her feet also blaze in combat, giving truth to the "Fyre" in her family name. The flames don't affect her, as they're mostly for appearance.


Where Elite Ice is reserved and calculating, Keira is often seen as impulsive. Even when her job requires her to be precise and calculating, she finds it hard to be patient. She’ll often think of different things just to pass the time away.

Keira is professional but she is not afraid to take risks. She’s quick on her feet and quicker on her bowstring.

Related Information

Keira Fyre first appeared in "Future's Guardian" #7.