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X-Tend Services is a mercenary organization in the world of Champions Online MMO.


According to Executive Vice-President Mike Messenger, X-Tend Services provides super-powered being for hire to private individuals, companies, and organizations.

As Messenger describes it, "People who are tired of the whole hero thing but still want to use their powers. That sort of thing."

While it is true there are several "outsourcing" groups, Messenger says that X-Tend Services has a special connection to the most elite of organizations that will only work with their service. This includes recruiting talent from the Gold Standard Agency those whose potential as a "showcase hero" have been "devalued".

Camp Runner Incident

In early 2010's, X-Tend Services were contracted by Witt Energy Research on an experimental program to supposedly "decontaminate" the radioactive area of Burning Sands. The contracted operatives, all "former" heroes that were "dismissed" by the Gold Standard Agency, were there to provide security against the mutated followers of Grond.

Messenger said that something went wrong during the testing, and the devices reacted badly against the ambient delta radiation. The lucky ones died on-site. The others were either badly mutated and died soon after or were given stage-4 cancer.

While X-Tend Services supposedly provided the "best of care", the survivors blamed GSA and their owner - Markman Gold - for sending them to X-Tend, believing he knowingly sent them to die.

In Messenger's signed statement to the United Nations investigation group Project Mycroft, the cancer-stricken survivors, including Foreclosure and Philly Buster, set out to "hurt" Gold indirectly by depriving him of his "greatest treasure", Galatea Future. At the time, Gold was in the middle of a legal battle over the trademark claim to Galatea Future's existence, and it was believed that even if she initially won her court case, Gold would eventually prevail. So the survivors set out to deprive Gold of his "treasure" by destroying Galatea Future's name through suicide-by-hero actions.

While the incident at Camp Runner could be confirmed, thanks to an investigation by Galatea Future and Ronin Omega, the reasons for attacking Galatea Future are still considered suspect. It was enough, though, for the matter to be considered closed.

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Related Information

X-Tend Services was first mentioned in "Future's Guardian" #14.