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Talos Island is an island zone in Paragon City located to the east of Skyway City and north of both Founders Falls and Astoria. It is also the ferry access point to Striga Isle and Peregrine Island.

This island region was created in the 1960's as the result of the final battle between the legendary giant hero Talos and the monster known as Chimera.

It is believed by the residents of the island that the spirit of Talos still protects them through the life-sized statue of the giant. The residents point to the fact that the Rikti did not come near the Island during the 2002 Invasion to sustain their belief that Talos still watches over them.

When the Hero Corps tried to establish a base of operations in Paragon City, one of the first deals they made was to provide an honor guard for the statue of Talos to protect it from vandalism. That post remains today.

Related Information

The Guardians of the Dawn have their headquarters located underneath the base of the Talos statue.

Prior to her disappearance, Midnight Arachnia had a place nearby under her civilian name of "Jessica Danvers", although the exact location was never given. In the "Limelight" storyline it was revealed that she spent her lunchtimes watching the Talos statue and often had conversations with the statue, following the local myth that the spirit of Talos was still watching over the area.

Galatea Powers and Lyon Powers share a condominium at Helios Towers under their respective civilian guises. They have since been joined by their sister, Furia Powers.

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