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A Tailor is an in-game character who can change the look of a hero or villain in the City of Heroes MMO.

Every hero or villain is given one chance at designing their look. Their look makes up an essential part of their identity, therefore it is often suggested that you NOT change it once you have established yourself. However, as a hero or villain matures, they will sometimes get access to additional features that will further define who they are.

To that end, they need a tailor to help them make those changes.

  • In Paragon City, all tailors are employed by Icon.
  • In the Rogue Isles, all tailors work for Facemakers.
  • In addition, special tailors are present in the VIP area of Pocket D and at the Vanguard Headquarters in the Rikti War Zone. These tailors will assist in the appearances for both heroes and villains alike.