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(This entry is for the tailor store, not to be confused with superhero known as Icon Powers.)

(For Rogue Isles tailors, see Facemakers)

The Icon, Incorporated (or simply "Icon") is the premiere design house for superhero attire in Paragon City. It has branch offices all around the world and serves as the exclusive clothier for Freedom Corps, Hero Corps, the Dawn Patrol, Vanguard, and the Valiant Defenders of the Motherland.

Icon employs nothing less than the finest designers in the world, as well as employing an internship program in Milan for up-and-coming tailors.

After the Rikti War, Icon was one of the first companies to transfer its corporate office from New York to Paragon City as a sign of trust in its heroes.

The Icon Corporation

Branch Offices

Icon has four branch stores in Paragon City, in addition to its corporate office. Most branches are run by a famous designer employed by Icon.

  • Steel Canyon - This store is run by Serge, who will also help you get an additional costume slot after security level 20.
  • Independence Port - This store is run by Lauren, who will help you get an additional costume slot after security level 30.
  • Founders Falls - Carson manages this store and can aid you in another costume slot at security level 40.
  • Atlas Park - A fourth branch store was opened in September of 2011 in Atlas Park north of Atlas Plaza, across from the Chiron Medical Center. This is the only store not run by a tailor. (Speculation is that this would have been the store run by Rita Mayfair, had she not been institutionalized thanks to Lauren.)

Additional Branches

  • Two Icon representatives are posted in the Vanguard Headquarters in the Rikti War Zone. Although originally not accessable until one reached a higher security level, anyone can now access the headquarters and it is now considered the safest way for extremely low-level heroes to change their appearance.
  • Although not a tailor resource, the corporate office is located somewhere in Paragon City. The director of Human Resources there is known as Mrs. Carlisle.

Noted Associates

Designer Services

The process of changing one's outfit is not one that should be taken lightly. There are two kinds of changes that can be made.

  • Tailor Service - This is a general change to your appearance and accessories only. This includes the look of your outfit, weapons and shields (where applicable), and the appearance of your abilities (also only where applicable). This service cannot change your body type, height, or gender, although some features within those parameters can be adjusted.
  • Body Sculpting - This is a special feature that only certain members can access. Only registered and certified Body Sculptors can change your complete appearance, from your size, body-type and even your gender. Each Icon branch store has at least one Body Sculptor, as well as Trina over in the Tiki Lounge.

Changes are not cheap, although registered heroes are given free tailor tokens to help them make their neccessary changes. One should make sure if they do not have any tailor tokens that they have plenty of money on hand.

Links to Rogue Isles

According to the corporate offices, Icon is in full compliance with federal regulations regarding international business dealings. They DO NOT have any stores in the Rogue Isles. Any similarities in designs should be considered illegal duplicates and reported immeidately.

In 2007, The Icon, Incorporated filed a $100 million lawsuit against Facemakers for copyright infringement. The case was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

Other references

In her civilian guise of Kara Hamilton, Galatea Powers began her career in Paragon City as a designer-in-training, working in the Steel Canyon store under Serge. In Issue #1 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series, she is transferred to the Independence Port store under Lauren's watch. She later is promoted to the Administrative Training program and currently serves as an Assistant Corporate Supervisor over all the branches.

In an alternate future shown in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #18, the tailor chain is bought out by Crey Industries and renamed "C-Wear".