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Sharkhead Isle (sometimes called Sharkhead Island by the ignorant and the idiots) is an area in the Rogue Isles in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

Sharkhead Isle is essentially a huge mining operation, owned and operated by Kirk Cage, who literally bought his governorship. The shipyard and mining workers there are essentially drones, working long hours for the "privilege" of living.

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For as long as people can remember, Sharkhead Isle was known for something special. But nobody could really tell you what it was. It was important enough for Kirk Cage and his Cage Consortium to want it, and all Cage asked was that nobody questioned how he got it. If Cage needed workers, he'd get them. Just don't ask about them afterward.

Under President Marchand, Cage's money overruled the local governor. He owned the law, he owned the stores, he owned all the services. It didn't matter if it was "right" or "wrong". All that mattered was that the ships kept sailing and the mines kept busy.

When Arachnos "officially" took over the Rogue Isles in the 1960's, Lord Recluse initially sought to put the area under a governor of his choosing. Cage literally bought Recluse's favor... in gold! He owned the title of "governor", even though he refused to insist people refer to him as such. All that mattered was that the ships kept sailing and the mines were kept busy.

For a time, there seemed to be hope for the weary workers. A mammoth man named Scrapyard began talk of worker's rights. He rallied as many workers as he could to march with him to confront Cage. When Consortium security guards were unable to stop the rally or the march, Cage hired a ruthless pirate named Captain Mako to stop Scrapyard. Despite being mortally wounded, Scrapyard continued to lead the masses until he finally fell in front of Pier 7, where Mako brutally and sadistically dismembered the massive man.

Captain Mako's sadism got the attention and admiration of Lord Recluse. But even though the man was defeated, Scrapyard's legend continues even to this day. There are still pockets of resistance who call themselves "Scrapyarders" who carry on the mission of confronting the self-made tyrant. And rumor has it, Scrapyard still returns as a ghost to lead the march.

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