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Rita Mayfair is the name of a tailor in the City of Heroes MMO.

There are two different versions of her to date.

Primal Universe

In the main universe of the MMO, Rita Mayfair was an up-and-coming fashion designer. She showed she had a real eye for balancing form and functionality, and yet did not sacrifice beauty in the process.

She began working for The Icon, Incorporated under their internship program, where she impressed everyone there. In fact, they decided to fast-track her training and pair her up with her idol, the legendary designer Lauren in her franchise store in Independence Port.

At first it seemed to be a match that movies were made of. But it wasn't long before Rita discovered the real fashion diva.

She quickly went from being an apprentice to Lauren's personal slave. She would get Lauren's food and drinks, run her errands, ghost-write her memoirs, and personally handle all of Lauren's "B-and-C-list" clients. She worked twelve-to-sixteen hours every day of the week, including weekends, she had no kind of social life whatsoever, she would be called in at any time of the night for Lauren's "whims", and she was criticized for her appearance every single day. Her looks, her mood, her clothing, her hair, her smells, even how she talked were subject to endless criticisms.

She was asked always to come up with designs, but none of her ideas would pass Lauren's "stink test".

At one point, Lauren even suggested that Rita prostitute herself to one of Lauren's "A-list" clients. Although the "transaction" never followed through, Rita still tried to complain about it to Human Resources, only to be told that Lauren was "just being sarcastic".

But the final straw came when Rita found out that Lauren was taking all of her designs, including the ones she said "failed", and passing them off as her own under her label.

Rita went to Human Resources to complain, but Lauren had her fired first, claiming that Rita was "being delusional and uncooperative". She tried to file a lawsuit against Lauren and the company, only to discover they had her in an iron-clad contract that forced her to take part in binding arbitration run by The Icon, Incorporated. Naturally, Rita would lose. Soon afterward, she tried to commit suicide and was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

It is said that she is better, but nobody really knows.

Praetorian Universe

In the Praetorian Universe, Rita Mayfair is the only and only tailor for the city-state of Praetoria.

There is a simple reason why that is: she is the only one left alive.

Much like her counterpart in the Primal Universe, Rita was an up-and-coming fashion designer in Shade City. But then the Devouring Earth attacked. Rita did whatever she could to survive, even when it meant letting her so-called teachers die.

When it was time to board the final evacuation bus, she was told there was only one spot left. She didn't even hesitate. She took out her scissors and drove them into the chest of her boy-toy Carson.

Emperor Cole heard of this ruthless aggression and rewarded Rita with her own store, which she called "Rita's Remnants".

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Primal Universe's Rita was referenced by a visibly agitated Kara Hamilton during the "Galatea Dawning" storyline in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight".

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