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Crey Industries is a major corporation in the world of the City of Heroes MMO. Crey Industries tries to incorporate itself into every aspect of everyday life, from food to entertainment to technology.

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Company History

Countess Clarissa Crey is the co-owner of conglomerate corporation along with her husband Alphonse, who has been in a coma not long after their marrage. She has been running the company ever since, seemingly single-handely making it into the huge industrial leviathan that it is today.

Crey Industries originally started as Crey Biotech, one of the major drug suppliers in Europe. After Alphonse took ill, the Countess took over the day-to-day operations, moving the corporate headquarters from Switzerland to Paragon City, and then proceeded to expand the company through a marathon series of leveraged buyouts and mergers. Every company she absorbed into CI became stronger and more efficient, and thus put her in a stronger position to buy out even more companies.

Crey Products

Some of Crey Industries' most notable products:

  • Crey Cola - Originally set to take on the major soft drink companies, Crey Cola was pulled off the shelves after it was revealed that their secret ingredient included 10% nanites. (Note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that all soda products carry less than 1% nanites.)
  • Creyline ITV - Experimental interactive television sets that linked television with the Internet. Recalled after spyware was discovered in the proprietary operating system.
  • CreyTV - Short-lived music video channel in association with Creyline ITV. Rumors of subliminal messages plagued the channel and resulted in it being pulled from the cable providers.
  • Crey Cable - After the failure of Creyline ITV and CreyTV, Crey Industries bought out Paragon Cable. Recent reports indicate Cray Cable provides cable service to 75% of the households in Paragon City, although that number is disputed since some of the residents listed were destroyed from the Rikti Invasion.
  • CreyWare - The software division of Crey Industries, created after the First Rikti Invasion of 2002 decimated the major software companies. They offer inexpensive operating systems for home and small-business users. Unfortunately it was tied-in with the Creyline ITV program, which failed because of rampant reports of spyware. It is currently in production today, although it is losing badly to CyCorp's own CySoft division, which often advertises its programs being spyware-free.
  • Crey Police Services - also known as the Crey Private Police Department, this division of Crey Industries actually was the predecessor to the Paragon Protectors, providing private paramilitary security for areas devastated by war and crime. They were linked to a series of blackmail schemes in Independence Port in 2009. After paying a hefty fine, they were allowed to reorganize and resume operations as a private law enforcement service.

Associated Products

In addition, Crey Industries is a partner in the following businesses:

  • Architect Entertainment - Crey was one of several business partners (along with Alex Wentworth) to come up with the most popular virtual reality company in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.
  • Green Pouch Survival - Makers of outdoor and survival gear, extremely popular during threats of Rikti incursions.

Other References

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In 2006, Crey Industries attempted to take over Cyril Corporation, but failed.