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Hero Corps is an international private superhero organization in the City of Heroes MMO, similar in some ways to the Freedom Corps.

In-Game History

Hero Corps was the brainchild of Rebecca Foss, a London-born executive who was inspired by the Russian-based Valiant Defenders to create her own international group. With the help of retired superhero and Freedom Phalanx member Luminary, she recruited the best around the world to create Hero Corps, and then franchised the buisness to all of the major cities around the world.

The first franchise branch of Hero Corps opened in Mexico City in 1995, with members recruited from the area and then trained by Luminary in their private facility in Providence, Rhode Island. Following the success of this branch, three more offices opened up in Rio, Jakarta, and Johannesburg, each recruiting local talent and then trained and supervised by Hero Corps executives. Eventually Hero Corps would have over thirty branch offices set up in cities around the world.

In 1998, Foss tried to open a branch in Paragon City. But even with Luminary's help, it was a hard sell for city officials, especially given the continued presense of the Freedom Phalanx, Dawn Patrol, and other public hero organizations already established in the city.

In 1999, the Paragon City branch office of Hero Corps was set up, but just days before it was to be completed the facility was destroyed by a mysterious organization. Not long afterwards, Countess Crey of Crey Industries offered to help invest in a new facility. But then wild rumors of abusive political influence began to surface, some of which were pointed at Paragon City's iconic hero, Statesman. The project was soon abandoned. (In truth, Countess Crey was behind the rumors so as to sabotage the Hero Corps branch in favor of her own "Paragon Protectors" program.)

Following the Rikti War and the organization of all superhero groups under the United Nations Vanguard program, Hero Corps was given a limited role in the reconstruction of Paragon City. They currently serve in an advisory and consulting function in Paragon City, not able to actually operate as they would in other cities around the world.

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Pyrogurl's parents are both Hero Corps executives that were temporarily based in Paragon City but eventually transferred to Boston.