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(This is for the Rogue Isles tailor chain. For Paragon City tailors, please see The Icon, Incorporated.)

Facemakers (or simply "Face") is the general name of the tailor shops in the Rogue Isles.

Officially, "Facemakers" does not exist as a company. It does not have any connection to the Marcone Family, nor to a chain of sweatshops run by the Tsoo. They do not hire discredited plastic surgeons or use substandard and toxic materials. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, according to people "in the know".

But if they DID exist as a collective company, they would serve as the premiere clothing supplier for Arachnos and for all of the registered opportunists in the Rogue Isles.

If they existed as such...


Each "Face" store is a separate business, not affiliated with any of the other stores of the same general name. They will operate out of abandoned medical clinics, usually the kind that treated certain unmentionable diseases, and will get their supplies from the "generous donations" of certain operatives.

Quite often the phrase used to explain their supplies and materials is "It fell off the truck."


There are only THREE "Face" stores in the Rogue Isles.

  • The Cap au Diable store located at the far western side of the island, run by a woman calling herself The Facemaker and by Gorgeous Glenda. The Facemaker will help you get an additional costume slot at security level 20, and Glenda will help you at security level 30.
  • Lovely Linda manages a store in St. Martial near the far eastern side of the island. She can also help you with a costume space at security level 40.

If, however, you have access to Vanguard Headquarters or to the VIP area of Pocket D then you too can make use of their special tailor services.


The "Face" stores provide two separate services for the ambitious operative or career-minded Arachnos agent.

  • Appearances - Face stores can help modify your general appearance so you can be as menacing as you wish, or as innocent as you would like others to believe you to be. This is primarily a cosmetic change, often involving one's outfit.
  • Plastic Surgery - For certain "elite" people, you can utilize Facemaker's staff of body sculpting and physical enhancement specialists. These people utilize all of the cutting-edge experimental methods that are not yet (or not ever) approved by the US Government. Facemakers spare no expense to give you the look that you desire as long as you are willing to pay for it.


In 2007, The Icon, Incorporated filed a $100 million lawsuit against Facemakers for copyright infringement of their designs. As Facemakers is "not an official commercial organization", and one not "officially recognized" in the Rogue Isles, the lawsuit was eventually dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.