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Crey Cola is a beverage manufactured by Crey Industries. It was initially designed to take over the soft drink empire.


Crey Cola was the brainchild of Countess Crey, who wondered on a whim where the company could expand that financial experts would not anticipate. She saw a worker get a cola from the local vending machine, and she realized this was where they needed to go. True to her word, the financial world was taken by storm over her idea.

But then the first version came out, and people took to it like fish to water. They couldn't have enough of it. People were going broke hoarding cases of the drink.

That's when it was discovered that one of the "additives" in Crey Cola was nanites. It made up 10% of the average serving. People didn't notice the metallic taste because of all of the pure cane sugar that was added to it.

The Food and Drug Administration ordered the drink pulled from the shelves, although they didn't have the authority to regulate nanite servings at the time. Eventually they were able to limit nanite content to no more than 1% per serving. Crey, reluctantly, agreed, although they still tried to push for more.

Crey Cola was allowed to be released to stores again, this time being advertised as having "less nanites". While not as "addictive" as before, there are still plenty of people that purchase it to keep the subsidiary in the black.

Unusual Uses

Not long after the second release, people discovered unique things they can do with Crey Cola.

  • If you have a cellphone or computer that had liquids spilled on it, pour a can of Crey Cola on it. The computer will fix itself.
  • If your smartphone is cracked, take a paper towel dipped in Crey Cola and rub it on the screen. The screen will fix itself. (For some reason, this only applies to smartphones, not any other kind of glass surface.)
  • If you drop a watch battery into a class of Crey Cola, the drink will turn neon colors for a short period of time. The color is harmless and the drink can be consumed, although it is suggested you strain out the battery first.

Lethal Combination

Visitors from the Praetorian Universe have discovered that the nanites in Crey Cola react violently when in contact with the nanites in their bodies from their continual consumption of Enriche. The result is spontaneous combustion and almost certain death.

It is therefore advised that you never mix Enriche and Crey Cola under any circumstance!