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CreyWare is the software division of the Crey Corporation and rival to Cyril Corporation's CySoft.

Company History

CreyWare and CySoft were in heated competition to fill in in the computer hardware and software gap left following the destruction of all technology businesses during the First Rikti Invasion of 2002. Although both companies started at relatively the same time, CreyWare was the first to release its line of "Claire" computers and proprietary software packages dubbed "C-You".

The "C-You" software package consisted of an operating system, media player, on-line browser, email service, and a wide variety of office and financial applications for users to pick-and-choose. Almost immediately the critics noticed similarities to other proprietary software programs and lawsuits were being filed. Crey attorneys, however, were quick to quash such lawsuits with proof of reverse-engineering. But they could not get around the simplistic language of the software packages or the number of spyware and bugs that were present in them, quickly earning the nickname "Cr@pWare".

CreyWare then planned to integrate their software applications with the CreyTV music video channel and their own Crey Cable system to form Crey ITV. Their ultimate goal was to create voice-activated Internet-ready video monitors that could double as networked computer terminals. Unfortunately their program was deemed a failure after numerous spyware programs were discovered within the "C-You" operating system.

Unable to make their interactive television dream happen, CreyWare then focused on providing simplistic computer hardware and software for the general public. Their appeal to the lowest common denominator allowed CreyWare to survive and thrive.

Noted Products

"Claire" Computers - The first series of computers released since the Rikti War, named after Countess Crey.

"C-You" Software - Proprietary software packages designed exclusively for CreyWare computers.

  • C-Global - Basic Operating System, email, and browser
  • C-Money - Financial software capable of monitoring financial accounts, credit records, and stocks
  • C-Life - All-purpose media player for music, video, photos, and can tie in with cell-phones
  • C-Track - GPS service

"Puma" - The project name of the C-Global web browser. This was at the heart of many copyright infringement lawsuits as well as the source of many integrated spyware applications that would quietly send personal information to third-party services.

Crey ITV - CreyWare's failed attempt to merge computers with television monitors.

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