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Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #17
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Lt. Christine Troy, USAF (dishonorably discharged)
Known Aliases: Chris, Chrissy
Species: human (augmented)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (de-patriated)
Occupation: former astronaut, current mercenary
Place of Birth: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unnamed parents (status unknown)
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, The Libra Order: Debts of Honor
Known Powers
Flight, force fields
Known Abilities

UltraaLady is a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO. She is a member of The Libra Order.

Character History

All Christine Troy wanted to be was an astronaut. She loved the significance of being out in space and doing things one would normally not be able to do on Earth.

She trained and worked hard in the U.S. Air Force to qualify for space training, and then was brought into the US Space Program. She was the youngest member of NASA to go to the International Space Station for an extended tour. Still in her 20's, Chris had a unique perspective of getting into the space program, as well as allowing scientists to study how a younger adult matures outside of Earth's gravity and atmosphere.

Sadly, all the wonder and hope died when the Rikti invaded Earth in 2002.

The Rikti Devastation

The ISS was one of the first targets of the Rikti, taking out a station that had no defenses whatsoever and had no time for the crew to evacuate. The station was dead in a matter of seconds.

Chris believed that she was dead as well. She recorded her goodbyes to her family and friends, said her prayers, and then waited to die.

But instead of dying, she found herself aboard another alien craft along with two other astronauts. A strange voice told her that the visiting aliens were observers and they had rescued the astronauts because they did not find it fair that they should die so "close" to their home. The voice then said they would give the three the "means" to go home that would not violate their own rules about revealing themselves to the others.

The three were bathed in bright lights. Chris could feel something stir in her. Then they were back in space, surrounded in force bubbles.

They descended to Earth, with the bubbles glowing red as they re-entered the atmosphere. One of the astronauts panicked and his bubble collapsed, burning him to ash from the heat of re-entry. The other two astronauts quickly realized that they were controlling the bubbles themselves, so they struggled to maintain concentration as they rapidly descended to the planet. The second astronaut dropped his bubble when they were close to the water, thinking that the worst was over. He was killed on contact with the water.

Only Chris survived because she maintained her concentration all the way until she entered the Gulf of Mexico just outside of Florida and then resurfaced. Then she passed out.

She was found washed up on the beach in Panama City, wearing only her ISS station uniform.

She was home, but her ordeal was far from over.

Declared Enemy

What was left of the military took the unconscious Lt. Troy into custody. She awoke in a quarantined military hospital in restraints. Once she was conscious enough to talk, she was questioned repeatedly about what happened and asked how she managed to survive and appear on Earth without an apparent means of return.

The officers refused to believe her story about "alien observers" suddenly giving her the means to survive and that "only she" was able to. Since Chris had no knowledge of how to trigger her powers at the time, she couldn't prove that she had this survival ability. Her interviewers, now interrogators, accused her of being a Rikti spy, since that was the only explanation they would accept.

She was officially held pending a court martial for "collusion with the enemy", even though they had no evidence of it whatsoever.

While in detention, Chris discovered how to trigger her powers again. Believing she would never get a fair shake with her own country, she used her force-powers to escape and flee to the one place they could not get her.

Rogue Isles

When Chris arrived in the Rogue Isles, she did anything she could to get the supplies she needed to survive and re-invent herself. As an amateur robot-creator, she put junked robot parts from Arachnos and Wyvern and Longbow to use as she created her "helpers". She took on missions that would give her the material to create an outfit that would be durable and functional.

She renamed herself "UltraaLady", and it wasn't long before she got the attention of a powerful patron: Libra.

UltraaLady was one of the first recruits for The Libra Order, and seemingly the only one with a predominantly technological background. This was difficult for her as the Order relied predominantly on mysticism. But it was through her continual insistence on technology that their headquarters would be more than just some mystical warehouse.

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Powers and Abilities

UltraaLady's primary ability is her skill in robotics. She has several autonomous drones at her disposal that can serve as an army for her.

But when that's not enough, then her secondary ability is in Force Fields. She can create force bubbles to protect herself or others or she can focus her power into a sweeping physical attack. She can also use this power to fly. Unfortunately, this can also be her undoing when she relies more on her own skills than with working in union with her drone units.


UltraaLady is driven to prove herself in whatever she puts her mind to. In her youth, it was to be an astronaut. When captured, it was to be free.

With the Libra Order, she sees herself as being always under attack. She doesn't see friends with the Order, only temporary allies.

Related Information

According to creator David 2, UltraaLady was inspired by the female version of Ultraman, DC's evil Superman.