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The Peacebringer Redeemer
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: (Talmyia) "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #10, (Ghostlynk and Daybright) "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #12
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Talmya/Sally Bright
Known Aliases: Ghostlynk, Redemption, Grace Fellows
Species: Kheldian/Human Hybrid
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: (Talymia) None, (Ghostlynk) Red, (Daybright) Purple, (Grace) Plum
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kheldian/American
Occupation: Peacebringer Redeemer
Place of Birth: Space/Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unnamed human parents
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH, The Guardian Powers, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Badge GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

Daybright is a registered superhero and member of the Guardians of the Dawn. She made her debut in Issue #12 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series (2010).

She is the result of a special merging between a human and a Kheldian, each of whom had a unique role in the Guardians prior to their transformation.

Character History

Ghostlynk and Talmyia


Sally Bright was a born genius. She graduated from high school at age fourteen, entered college under the Vambrance Scholarship program, graduated from MIT at age of 20 with a doctorate, and was the youngest member of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Sally LOVED computers. But she really wanted to be a superhero. To that extent, she moved to Paragon City, where she applied herself to the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs (FBSA). But because she had no real applicable skills in the physical world, she was asked to serve as a technical specialist for the Department of Advanced Technology Application (D.A.T.A.). This led to a career as a forensic computer specialist for Paragon City working primarily for Freedom Corps, Hero Corps, and the Paragon City Police Department.

But she did not give up on her dreams of being a hero. She crafted an extensive cyberspace personna called Ghostlynk, which became just as formidable in cyberspace as any real-world hero. She also took part in self-defense courses that allowed her to use firearms in the event of a Rikti incursion.

It was during that time that she met with a young woman named Stevie Walker-Rodgers, who was just starting under the experimental Hero Shield program to become Captain Paragonna. The two became friends, and when the opportunity came to create a new superhero group called the Guardians of the Dawn, Stevie quickly thought of Ghostlynk and her experimental CPCU program. Pulling a few strings, she managed to convince City Hall to issue Sally a HeroID under the Ghostlynk codename, and thus could become an active member of the Guardians.


For reasons that have yet to be fully explained, on the same day that Ghostlynk was recruited to be a member of the Guaridans, she was visitied by a Shadowborn agent who claimed to be from Homeland Security. Giving only the explination that what was going to happen would "save lives", "Agent Shadow" murdered Sally Bright in an Atlas Park police station.

When Captain Paragonna arrived, she discovered that Sally's body was already taken away by Vanguard and that there was no way to identify the perpetrator. The four police officers who witnessed the murder said nothing and deleted the video footage of the attack. They would each resign that night.

Vanguard officials would later explain to Captain Paragonna that the bullet that killed Sally Bright was an object outside of the present time, and that it put Sally's body in a state of flux which prevented the medical teleporters from saving her. Sally's body was then placed in stasis until the means could be found to remove the unknown device.


Talmyia is a Kheldian, an energy-based being from another galaxy. Very little is known about the Kheldian's past other than it was slated to make the journey to Earth.

Alternate Future

Talmyia was first seen in Issue #10 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series as part of an alternate future in 2011 where all animal life was exterminated. As a recent arrival to Earth, it discovered no animal life whatsoever and was asked to wait until an "investigator" would arrive. That investigator turned out to be the exiled time manipulator Doc Tor, who determined that the cause of the mass-extinction was a cascade wave of energy which negated all cognitive thinking. As Doc Tor was forced to return to his own time, Talmyia announced that it would inform the home world to claim the planet as a new Kheldian colony.

As the circumstances that created that future changed, that alternate future was erased, but the consequences of that change would affect Talmyia's future.

Peacebringer Redeemer

In Issue #12, the Kheldians inform Talmyia that there is a vergence in the time-space continuum that is focused on it. They decide to accelerate Talmyia's journey to Earth to investigate this vergence.

Upon arriving, a journey-weakened Talmyia is intercepted by a being that said it was once a Peacebringer, but that it had become "something more". It guided Talmyia to Vanguard Headquarters where it felt the calling to merge with the body of Ghostlynk, still preserved in statis because of its state of temporal flux.

The union created a rare kind of Peacebringer called a Peacebringer Redeemer. The union also absorbed the unknown device that was inside Sally Bright's body that had kept it in temporal flux. The new being became aware of various images in time and space.

After confronting Vanguard soliders (who mistook the new being as an alien intruder), the new merged being used Ghostlynk's Guardian membership and HeroID card to enter the Guardian base through Vanguard's Supergroup Tesseract Portal. She gave herself a new identity of Daybright and set out to finish the investigation started by Talmyia.

Daybright quickly found herself facing off against Dreadlaw, a Kheldian police officer and head of the Paragon Police Department's Awakend Division of Kheldian police officers. Dreadlaw refused to recognize Daybright's "Call of the Redeemer" claim and declared her to be in violation of Kheldian law by merging with a dead host.

Eventually it was discovered that the Kheldian remnant of Horus was the mysterious supporter that encouraged the merger between Talmyia and Sally right. Since Horus was once a Peacebringer Redeemer himself, he validated the "Call of the Redeemer" according to Kheldian law. With help from Captain Paragonna, she took down Dreadlaw for his own gross abuses of both human and Kheldian laws, and then officially took the Lifebond pledge, officially being recognized as a Peacebringer Redeemer.

Time and Changes

Daybright as "Redemption"

(See also "Time and Changes")

In the prelude to the "Time and Changes" storyline, Daybright discovered that StarCygnus was responsible for providing sensitive information about the Guardians to an unknown person to be auctioned in the Black Market. When she confronted him, the cyborg used his powers to trigger all of the teleport devices at once, seemingly killing her.

It would later be revealed that she was teleported to an interdimensional limbo by the mysterious force known as Libra. As explained by one of his operatives, Daybright was destined to play a role in the Crisis Event of 2007. Transported to the past, she found her appearance disguised. Calling herself "Redemption", she aided Icon Powers in the defeat of Alor and the destruction of his universe-destroying machine. While she was not able to stop Alor from destroying universe XHT-S7, it was her energy that linked that collapsing dimension to the Primal Universe, allowing three heroes from that universe to be saved.

She was then sent back to the limbo dimension by an arriving future version of Galatea Powers, where she learned that she was never meant to survive the battle with Alor. At the conclusion of the storyline, she was sent back to the present with a "gift" that would allow her to transform into a fully non-powered human. This would come in handy later when she began working to investigate the activities of the Rocinante Group.


As mentioned in the "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" special, Daybright used her new "gift" to work under-cover, trying to unlock the secrets of Shadowborn. She was the one that was alerted to the attempt on Alex Wentworth's life, and although she was not able to stop the shooter, she was able to cause enough of a distraction to save Alex.

Since then, she has continued to work behind-the-scenes in her human guise as Grace Fellows. She also helped Icon Powers re-start the Guardian Base, which was shut down after the group's "official" disbanding.

Grace's "tenure" working for City Hall ended when she was warned by MidKnight X that Malcolm Rochspare was inquiring into her activities.

She would later rejoin the newly-restarted Guardians of the Dawn group.

Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION

As mentioned in "Furia and the Guardians" #1, Daybright had been instrumental in helping her friend Captain Paragonna when she was put in charged of the PPD's Awakened Division. She used her status as a Peacebringer Redeemer to not only squash any dissent within the ranks of the Kheldian hybrid officers, but to also help her friend adapt to Kheldian methods. This is on top of her responsibilities as a Guardian.


When Earth was threatened by a huge coronal mass ejection, Daybright led the Kheldian team that shielded the planet from most of the devastating effects. She was also behind the idea of using the mystical power sources from the Guardian base to create a second magnetic field that reinforced the Kheldian shielding.

Unfortunately, the damage from the CME killed most of the Kheldians involved. Daybright herself led some of the surviving members to the remaining orbital platform and used her own power to keep the badly damaged platform stable enough for them to wait until they could be rescued by Galatea and the Justice-Knights.

For her part in the operation she was awarded the highest civilian medal by President Barack Obama.

Powers and Abilities

Daybright's primary ability is Luminous Blast. She can emit bolts of pure white light.

Her secondary ability is Luminous Aura, which allows her to use light as a defensive measure.

In addition to having the inherent ability to fly, she can also tap into her Kheldian herritage and transform herself into one of two "legacy forms", which allow her to have either Blaster-like or Tanker-like abilities. She also provides additional abilities and skills to any team that she joins, depending on the archetypes of her teammates.

As the merged union between Ghostlynk and Talmyia, Daybright posseses all the memories and personalities of both beings. She also posseses the information collected from the temporal anchor that originally killed Sally Bright.

As a cosmic entity, she also has advanced awareness which transcends human limitations.

Grace Fellows

It was revealed in Issue #28 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series that Galatea Future's "gift" was to allow Daybright to assume a completely human form. A hybrid version of her original human form and her Kheldian appearance, she has taken the name "Grace Fellows" and currently works for City Hall.

While in this form, she is completely human, with no access to any of her abilities. She also cannot be detected as being anything but human in this form, even by other Kheldians. She cannot hold this form forever, though. She must revert back to her pure Kheldian form (or one of her "inherit" Kheldian forms) to compensate for a brief time. She has also discovered that while in this form, she can physically heal from any injuries she sustained in hybrid or "inherit" Kheldian forms. This came in handy during the "Icarus" crisis, when her hybrid body was badly damaged from a coronal mass ejection she reverted to her human form for a time to heal.

According to those familiar with Kheldian hybrids, no other hybrid has the ability to transform into a completely human form. Whether or not this was because of the "gift" bestowed on her by an Omega-plus-level incarnate or because of her unique distinction as a Peacebringer Redeemer remains to be seen. This is, however, something that Daybright insists be kept a secret.