Malcolm Rochspare

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Malcolm Rochspare
Master Attorney
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: "The Guardian Powers" #10
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: England
Occupation: Attorney-At-Law
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: unnamed parents
The Guardian Powers, Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
Known Abilities
finding loopholes in contracts and in the law
the law

Malcolm Rochspare is a villain in the world of the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

He was a senior attorney for the law offices of Vogel, Stiles, and Linderman before becoming the Chief Operating Officer for the Rocinante Group.

Despite his youthful appearance, he is rather seasoned and experienced in legal trickery.

Character History

Early Years

Malcolm Rochspare was born in England. As a child prodigy, he attended Oxford University at an early age. From there went to America and attended Yale Law School, where he graduated with honors.

After passing the Connecticut Bar Exam (supposedly just to prove he could do it), he went to Europe, where he began working for one of the most prestigious law firms in Switzerland. His initial specialty was in contract law, but it wasn't long before he discovered a passion for criminal law.

Malcolm discovered that much like contract law, where he had a knack for discovering minute loopholes and flaws, criminal law has its share of defects that somehow go unnoticed and unchallenged. Finding contract law boring, he used his connections to reach out to the law offices of Vogel, Stiles, and Linderman, where they eagerly welcomed him in and had him working with some of their best defense attorneys to get him up to speed.

Paragon City

Malcolm first appeared in Paragon City still as an attorney for Vogel, Styles, and Linderman. He built his client database there quickly by offering new trials to those already convicted of crimes. He would then send his clerks out to sabotage the prosecution, telling key witnesses that a trial date was changed or the case was dismissed. Without witnesses, the prosecution would lose their case.

This scheme worked for a while until it was discovered by Galatea Powers. Then District Attorney Alex Wentworth met with Malcolm and told him in no uncertain terms that those "games" were over with and suggested he find a new city to "play" in.

Malcolm left for Europe, but only for a few months before returning to in Paragon City and accepting the position of Chief Legal Council for the intelligence-gathering think tank known as the Rocinante Group. It was a position that became suspiciously open after the previous council retired without warning. It was an opportunity that repeated itself in equally suspicious haste when the position of Chief Operating Officer was then vacated and Malcolm was again offered the position.

Rocinante Group

With Lord Geddy on "leave" (after the events in "Guardians of the Dawn: AFTERMATH"), Malcolm's position as Chief Operating Officer served as the most powerful position in the organization, giving him access to all the group's resources and almost none of the responsibility.

One of his first actions was to enlist the actions of BloodBlader to try to eliminate the former law clerk that turned witness against him. Unfortunately the assasin failed through the timely intervention of Captain Paragonna and Pharon. But rather than get BloodBlader out of jail, Malcolm simply moved forward with his ultimate goal... to supposedly "purge" the Rocinante Group of all elements of its connection to Shadowborn as part of its incorporation as a member of the Bilderburg Alliance.

It is believed he also has a fixation on Leona Powers, the "twin" of Galatea Powers, who was still in suspended animation while the group's technicians worked to control her mental instability.

Failed Coup

During his time as Chief Operating Officer for the Rocinante Group, Malcolm used his resources and his "power" as the "Alliance representative" to eliminate anyone and anything that could stand opposed to him assuming full control of the organization.

Geddy's resources, namely NovaPrima and BloodBlader were each taken "off the field". NovaPrima was reassigned to Europe. An attempted prison break of BloodBlader by an agent of the Libra Order was quickly cancelled. Having imposed a communications blackout for "technical upgrades", Malcolm attempted to rush the board of directors to remove Geddy as CEO and name himself as the replacement.

With no other viable options available, Geddy's trusted assistant, Elle Maple, had no choice but to try to kill Malcolm during the board meeting. Although this led to her arrest and subsequent conviction, it did have the effect of convincing the board to reject Malcolm's bid to remove Geddy as CEO. It also alerted the members of the Bilderburg Alliance, which consider Malcolm's actions theft from another Alliance member.

The Alliance quickly moved to have Geddy return to Paragon City and to remove Malcolm as COO.

Lone Wolf

No longer part of the Rocinante Group, Malcolm Rochspare returned to the law firm of Vogel, Stiles, and Linderman, which only took him back in because the Alliance ordered them to.

He currently serves as a "lone wolf" in the Alliance, quickly trying to find ways to regain the power he thinks is rightly his.

Powers and Abilities

Although he is an attorney with an elitist attitude, Malcolm Rochspare is not to be messed with. He does have some firearms training and is known to carry two guns.

His primary talent, though, is the law and how to manipulate it and exploit it.


Malcolm Rochspare has sociopathic tendencies. He is considered to be amoral, with little concept of tradition or loyalty. All he cares is what can benefit him and what he can use to his advantage.

He has an emotional fixation on the comatose Leona Powers because he sees in her a kindred spirit. He has no idea how unstable Leona really is or that she hates both men and women.

Related Information

Rochspare first appeared in "The Guardian Powers" #10.

According to creator David 2, the character and personality of Malcolm Rochspare was inspired by veteran actor Malcolm McDowell and the name of the law firm Rochspare works from comes from three of the more recent characters McDowell played on TV.