Paragon Libertarian Society

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A PLS billboard in Steel Canyon

The Paragon Libertarian Society (or PLS) is a libertarian organization in Paragon City committed to promoting and defending individual freedom and personal responsibility. They were first referenced in Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight Issue #5 (2009) as a group that Alex Wentworth was a member of, but was not seen until part two of the Limelight story (Issue #8 - 2009).

The PLS is not affiliated with any specific political party, but rather serves as a think-tank and in providing legal assistance to those they believe have been wronged by either powerful corporations or abusive government officials.

The PLS has often been critical of the tactics used by Deputy District Attorney Edward "The Trust" Vance, and have been threatened with arrest numerous times on trumped-up charges. Fortunately their public support of the Libertarian Avenger and the Guardians of the Dawn kept Vance's threats in check.

The PLS became a major supporter for Alex Wentworth in his quest to become District Attorney in the 2011 Special Election.