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VARTECH is the name of a shadow organization in the world of Champions Online MMO.

It is a shadow group that has bankrolled certain individuals and other organizations.

VARTECH has been under the watch of Major Xavier Cross of UNTIL for years. But every attempt to investigate further forced him to be locked out or shut down.

VARTECH has heavy influence in all levels of governments, including the United Nations. It is believed that VARTECH even allows Mayor Biselle to stay in office in Millennium City for as long as he wants, despite all the calls to have him step down or be subject to term limits.

VARTECH allows certain activities to happen because it benefits the members somehow.

  • The Qularr Invasion that Galatea Future helped stop when she first arrived had an added benefit of bringing alien weaponry to Earth, including technology that allows one to negate superpowers.
  • There is a reason more than just corporate greed why ARGENT has a clear monopoly on energy resources.

Those who make up VARTECH are supposedly the most powerful and influential men and women in the world. But they are also the ones that stay quiet and off-the-radar from the media. They don't do anything to expose their existence.

If you know who and what they are, then they allow you to know this, and you also know that your continued existence is because they permit it.

Suspected Members

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Related Information

VARTECH first was mentioned in "Future's Guardian" #1 as being the ones behind Markman Gold and the Gold Standard Agency.