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The Powerhouse is a social instance area where heroes in the world of Champions Online go to increase their skills as well as train on using their abilities.

The Powerhouse complex is situated inside a rare application of Tesseract technology, which allows the huge facility to exist within a tiny amount of space. Originally this consisted of a handful of static rooms, but in recent years the facility model was revamped to serve a much larger social capacity.

Inside, each Powerhouse complex consists of several rooms, including a Greer & Harlick tailor store, numerous specialized training facilities, and a huge theater designed for large-scale assemblies. These are perfect places for team-building events and social activities such as costume contests. The theater even comes with its own reception area and TV feeds to local media services such as WCOC TV.

The funding for each facility, including the Powerhouse trainers and the upkeep of numerous target dummies, come from corporate sponsorships as well as funding from the United Nations.

Related Information

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The exterior of the Powerhouse was first seen in "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #1, while the interior, including Greer & Harlick and the Powerhouse Theater, were seen in "Future's Guardian" #1.