The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future

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From another time and another world, a hero is given a chance not just to exist, but to LIVE!
The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future
Author: David 2
Author Aliases: Battlerock X
Games: Champions Online
Genre: action/adventure
Series Type: Discontinued
Date Premiered: 07/2011
Number of Issues: 4
Date of Last Issue: 12/2012
Average Issue Length: '
Main Cast
Galatea Future
Programs Used
Champions Online, MS Publisher, GIMP
Although set in the world of Champions Online, the story features a character originally seen in the City of Heroes MMO.

"The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" is a four-part story that takes place in the world of Champions Online.

The story features the continued adventures of Galatea Future, originally an alternate-future version of a City of Heroes character brought over to the universe of Champions Online .


Issue 01


Title: "Welcome to Millennium City" (Read) (deviantArt) (Issuu)

Summary: Following her history-changing actions in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight", Galatea Future had prepared herself for oblivion. But instead, she finds herself in the world of the Champions!

Issue 02


Title: "A New Day" (Read) (deviantArt) (Issuu)

Summary: Galatea Future is given a new world to call home and a new mission... to live! But someone thinks she is still a threat.

Issue 03


Title: "City of Gold at the End of Time" (Read)(deviantArt) (Issuu)

Summary: Galatea Future tries to explain her origins without revealing she is from another universe. But is what she really knows unravelling?

Issue 04


Title: "Lost, Found, & Lost Again" (Read) (deviantArt) (Issuu)

Summary: (FINAL ISSUE) Just when Galatea Future thinks she's got everything set in the world of Champions Online, she finds her identity has literally been stolen from her. What must she do to get it back?

NOTE: The story continues in the "Future's Guardian" series.

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