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WCOC is the official television station for Millennium City in the Champions Online MMO. The TV studio is located in the Westside district.

WCOC is the only TV station that survived the Battle of Detroit, where Doctor Destroyer obliterated much of the City of Detroit and would be rebuilt as Millennium City.

WCOC is a full-powered television station and studio, broadcasting on channel 8 and is part of the ABS Network.

WCOC Media Personalities

  • Rob Mahogany - Celebrated news anchorman
  • Victoria Crownstone - Seasoned anchorwoman and host of the award-winning "Good Morning Millennium City"
  • Ryan Santana - Celebrity in-depth Field Reporter
  • Champan Kind - Sports
  • Rock Landman - Weatherman
  • Julie Morgan - On-The-Scene Reporter

Related Information

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The WCOC news studio was first seen in "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #3.