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The Traitor
Creator: David 2/BattlerockX
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #10
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Major Henry "Hank" Geddy
Known Aliases: '
Species: '
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: former astronaut
Place of Birth: Niagra Falls, NY
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Lord Lee Geddy (father), Unnamed mother
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight, Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION, Furia and the Guardians
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Badge GotD-Ex.png This character is a former member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

StarCygnus is a former member of the Guardians of the Dawn and a covert spy for Shadowborn. His first chronological appearance was in City of Comic Creators Compendium #5 (2010), although his first actual appearance was in Issue #10 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series. He was featured in Issue #14.

C.C.C. Compendium #5

StarCygnus was introduced by PNN media personality Sally Carson-Ramirez for her show Shining Lights which focused on certain members of the Guardians. He is shown in news footage coming to the rescue of President Barack Obama after being held hostage by the 5th Column, and is later commended by President Obama.

He explains he knows very little about his past, only fleeting images of a farm in Kansas, and of fire and pain. It is soon revealed that he is the son of the Shadowborn Lord, and that the whole incident with President Obama was staged by Shadowborn to give him instant approval.

Character History

Major Henry "Hank" Geddy is the son of Lord Lee Geddy, the Margrave of Niagra and CEO of the information collecting think-tank known as The Rocinante Group. Born in Niagra Falls on the border between the United States and Canada, Hank enjoyed the benefits of dual citizenship even though he was legally a native-born American. (This was reportedly done so he could eventually be considered a presidential candidate.)

Hank lived the ideal alpha-male life. Star football player, honors graduate, attended West Point, and later enrolled in the Air Force as a pilot. Eventually he was recruited to the National Aeronoautics and Space Administration to pilot the new generation of space shuttles.

In April of 2007, Hank served as mission specialist for the space shuttle Cygnus, which was in the middle of re-entry when it encountered a strange light. The light was one of several extra-dimensional portals connected to the destruction of another universe which deposited three superhuman exiles in Paragon City. Unfortunately, the shuttle could not survive the encounter with the portal and exploded in the high atmosphere. The debris was scattered between Kansas and Okhlhoma.

For reasons that were not fully understood, Hank survived, albeit changed from the encounter. His body merged with an unknown entity that began to merge biological and technological components together. Lord Geddy ordered his son to be transported to a private facility owned by the Rocinante Group, and Hank was declared killed in action along with the rest of the shuttle crew.

In the year that followed, the new merged being took on a new form, one that bore no resemblance to Hank Geddy. Unknown to the doctors and scientists, it also had unrestricted access to the Rocinate Group's database, which holds information for over eighty percent of the civilized world.

Enter StarCygnus

Following the dismantling of the original Shadowborn organization and the creation of its new incarnation, Lord Geddy believed the best way to gain leverage over Shadowborn's enemies was to have an operative on the inside. To that end, he enlisted his son's help in infiltrating the Guardians of the Dawn.

Using the best information from dozens of image specialists, Hank was given a new outfit to emulate heroic attire and took the name StarCygnus as a subtle reference to the former shuttle. With the assistance of those still connected to Shadowborn, a very visible crisis was manufactured involving President Barack Obama and the Fifth Column. Ensuring that no actual harm would come to President Obama when the Fifth Column seized control of the stage and took him hostage, Lord Geddy manipulated events so that StarCygnus would rescue the president in front of the media, and thus elevate him to immediate stardom.

After his public debut, StarCygnus was offered membership to the Guardians at the behest of the Obama Administration, which he eagerly accepted.


Once a member of the Guardians of the Dawn, StarCygnus began to infiltrate as many computer systems as possible, collecting vital information about the superhero group. He did not share this information, however, and instead stored it with all other data he gathered while on Earth.

When Lord Geddy's facilitator, Simon Barrister, managed to gain a backdoor access to the Guardians' CPCU system, StarCygnus was asked to help access an excrypted server that contained classified data, including the schematics of the tech suits worn by Icon Powers and Galatea Powers. StarCygnus broke the encryption code and shared the key with Barrister, giving him complete access to the CPCU system and all of the group's secrets.

Later, when Daybright discovers evidence of his tampering and confronts him, StarCygnus undergoes a personality change, with the "darker" side using his power to activate all of Daybright's various teleportation devices at once, presumably killing her. He would later return to the base and remove all electronic proof of his involvement with Shadowborn.

Connection to Alor

In Issue #10, StarCygnus was seen linked to the CPCU network system when his system detected an unusual chunk of data that it could not identify. When it declared it to be of "alien origin", the system stuck on the words "AL-OR" until his advanced mind could reset itself and partition the unknown data away.

It was not yet known if this data was connected to Alor, the extradimensional cosmic entity responsible for the destruction of Universe XHT-S7.

In Issue #17 his "merged half" takes over his body after being confronted by fellow Guardian Daybright over his connections to Shadowborn. It is this half of his mind that triggers all of Daybright's various teleportation devices, seemingly tearing her apart on an atomic level. It then annoucnes that he "can now begin".

In Issue #19 the fallen angel Tainted Eve reveals that the other half of StarCygnus is in fact Alor.

Time and Changes

StarCygnus played an essential role in the "Time and Changes" storyline as Alor fully asserted himself in the cybernetic body.

Alor's first action upon asserting control was to try to kill the Kheldian Daybright, remembering her from her role in the Crisis Event of 2007, although he did not realize that Daybright had not yet experienced that event, and in fact his action allowed the other-wordly Libra to recruit her for that very purpose.

After altering the data at the Guaridans base to remove any connection to Shadowborn, he then took over the D.A.T.A. utility and backup facility that was constructed for the Freedom Phalanx hero Citadel, explaining to the captured android the history of Alor before rendering him inoperable. Having established full control of the D.A.T.A. facility and all of the automated drones, he then went after Icon Powers, the other hero responsible for Alor's original defeat in 2007. Overwhelming and capturing the older hero, and murdering several police officers in the process, StarCygnus explained how he managed to survive the destruction of his original body and his ultimate plans to use this Earth as his new base of operations to destroy all other universes.

After a series of skirmishes involving members of the Guardians and the Freedom Phalanx, Alor is defeated by Icon Powers. All vestiges of Alor were removed from StarCygnus' cybernetic body, leaving only a shell for the human Hank Geddy. He still believes that he murdered both Daybright and Icon Powers and that he "broke" the Guardians through his various acts of sabotage.


Following the battle with the Guardians and the Freedom Phalanx, StarCygnus was removed of all vestiges of Alor's digital essence thanks to Phalanx members Citadel, Numina, and Sister Psyche, leaving only a basic cybernetic shell to keep his human portions alive and mobile.

He was then taken to the underseas Vanguard Atlantis facility, which houses all ultra-maximum security prisoners, where he is awaiting trial for his numerous crimes, including murder and attempted murder. Although his father pledged the best legal defense possible, legal observers firmly believed that he would be found guilty of some of the charges made against him.


As seen in "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #1, Geddy's attorneys managed to convince the court that he was not fully responsible for his actions, saying that he was under the malevolent control of Alor the whole time. Through a plea deal arranged with Vanguard, Geddy was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge and was given parole with time served.

But even though he was free from the ultra-max prison, he was still not completely free. He was barred from any interaction with any telecommunication network without permission. He was also required to find work that did not involve technology and he needed to report to his parole officer every day.

His post-release story is still being told.

Powers and Abilities

StarCygnus's primary ability is Electric Armor. His cybernetic components can become super-charged to defend the rest of his body.

His secondary ability is Energy Melee. He can focus his energy into increased strength.

His cybernetic components allow him to interact with any device with a computer processor. This allows him to hack into computer databases and manipulate automated systems.

It was not known how much of a percentage of his body is truly technological, or if the flesh on his body was artificially generated to give the appearance of being a cyborg. According to StarCygnus, he is a combination of both.

His facial features as well as his voice were all artificially created, so he could not longer be recognized as Hank Geddy. When Alor fully asserted himself, his face and then later his body changed to more resemble Alor.

As seen in Issue #14, he had a split consciousness with Alor, and had internal conversations with it. After Alor asserted himself as the dominant partner, Geddy became the "internal voice".

It is not known how much of his original abilities remain having been removed of all vestiges of Alor's influence.